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February 14, 2013





What would a new year be without challenges, new beginnings and pushing yourself for better things right?
I’ve been debating a big move to blogspot for a while and I feel that this new year was the right time to actually put my plans into action. New space. New start.
Although I have loved my time here on wordpress, blogspot has such a better base for fashion blogs, plus the added bonus of FREELY editable HTML proved too strong for me to stay here, on top of a bunch of brand new ideas ;)
So although this space will exist for a short while as I move most of my archive over before being deleted altogether, please come join me over at the new blog at my blogspot web domain: which will soon be swapped over to my usual web domain ( in a weeks time :)

See you on the other side! Hope you like the new look!
Michelle ♥

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Pic & Tunes

December 12, 2012

Now look back see how far you’ve come
You’ve reached it you’ve found your grace


























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Trend & Save

December 5, 2012

The Sci-fi space mini trend. Although set to still be a hit in A/W extended from the summer of this year, but one that I personally think will never out run some of the other trends we’ll see this fall, it’s still a kooky little number for every cyberdog fan to sink their laser vision pupils into.
With Black Milk kicking off the star trek love affair this summer it’s now finally made its way subtly into this year’s shoe department of designer wear with vibrant greens and two-tone metallics being a key look for this trend. But don’t worry high street haulers CJG’s got you covered.
CJG aka Chloe Jade Green and Topshop’s top gal has returned with her new range of skyscraper shoes all with the now signature mint green louboutinesk heel, and this ones set to rival the designer devils as well as conquer the stud, snake and green tone trends to ensure you skip into 2013 on top.


1) YSL Mirrored-heel metallic pumps: £765: YSL via Net-a-porter
2) CJG Stud Venom Courts: £130: CJG via Topshop

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December 3, 2012


Picture it. You go out, buy the perfect ring that will change the way people view you and your hands forever, you wear it a few times and then -BOOM- those green and brassy tones appear and your back to square one. It’s always the high street way. From this constant source of annoyance I am now a firm believer that silver is the way forward, its in fashion, it never wears away and compared to the high street jewellery prices at the moment (Topshop being one of the biggest offenders) sometimes their only a tad more expensive for the lighter pieces, and if there’s any store that will convert you to this charming metallic investment its fashionology.

A Brand taking todays gothic ring trend as well as all other areas of jewelry into its Netherlands stride from 2009 has been Fashionology. Foundered by Rachel Duister and starting from a passion for jewellery with originality whilst also having personal issues finding accessories to match her own style, Rachel started creating her own in her apartment whilst studying art.


1) Silver Lapis Lazuli Ring: £44.61 2) Silver Cross Ring II: £36.50
3) Silver Feather Ring: £28.39

Her range has taken the blogosphere and stylists around the world by storm and now employ’s an army of fashionologists in her Rotterdam studio to produce and sell the nature and multi-cultured inspired stone adorned, patterned and alternative designs, along with monochrome illustrations dotted around the site to capture the brand by the very sleek Sanne de wild.


1) Silver Square Ethnic Ring: £101.39 2) Silver Raven Skull Ring: £81.11 3) Silver Double Skull Ring: £101.39

Having grasped hold of the market here in the UK, been recognised and nominated by for the ‘Best Modeshop’ in 2010, and extending their range to a mens section, I wonder if there’s any height fashionology will struggle to reach.

This is definitely a brand to get your mitts on this winter fall. (excuse the pun)

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Pic & Tunes

November 27, 2012

Well long time no see to all you dedicated TOAS readers! Its been another stretch of crazy time for me but I’ve FINALLY got my act together, my whiteboard sprawled on and my fingers-a-tappin’
Pic & Tunes this time around although a short post is all going to be about my well deserved holiday to Barcelona with my lovely boyfriend a couple of weeks ago (of which every minute was amazing) and as I was dedicated to uploading every great moment and gaudi building on to my instagram I thought I’d posted them all here as I’m quite impressed with some of them if I do say so myself.
And for the ‘tunes’ part of this post.. a little old one hit wonder to hit those dreamy holiday notes won’t go a miss!
Check back very soon for some interesting articles on a couple of brands I’ve found and love. They’re set to be gooduns and are so nearly nearly completed!

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The Bloggers Bookmark #7

October 30, 2012

Well JULY can you believe was the last time this feature was on the blog.. So I thought I’d bring it back (hopefully as a more regular read) ..and boy are there some things to blow all those treats out the water this Halloween and get santa’s sleigh bells a-ringing!..

1) Beaded Peter Pan Collar Light-Purple Dress: £32.89: Romwe
From a curiosity of Romwe starting from the following of strutt you may or may not have noticed the baroque dress I bought recently snapped on my twitter as to try out their service of course.. which I love (although the sizes were a little confusing) so this purple christmasy number could be on my hit list if it’s not taken up as a christmas present.
This dress is everything a fashion fiend wants with a fitted embellished top half, A-line skirt, slightly quirky palette and overall layerable features to create several styles.

2) Elise dress: £35: Monki
Yes yes another dress. Not to everyone’s taste I will add but for an interchangeable slouchy desk dressed damsel to a bloodied and cat eared Wednesday night halloqueen, this one will come in handy for those last-minute party gatecrashes.

3) Skull cameo necklace: £18: Madison Honey Vintage
Little behind on the old Alexa Chung skull cameo trend really aren’t I? but I’d thought I’d bring it back in for all those below-the-collar shirt days this winter as its one to smash the rock chick trend.. plus the hallo vibe.

4) Jameela Galaxy Tunic: £15: Missguided
Ignore that this is another dress.. and more on the fact that its.. well.. a little silly for winter? But I really love this one. Its got the perfect amount of dress up and dress down capabilities as our monki friend from above.. but also could be a possible skirt if covered with a slouchy grey jumper and covering those fleshy areas.

5) Cupcake Pom Beanie: £12: ASOS
Cold weather (although all-weather for me) coincides with wearing hats and what better way than to sweeten up those more urban or neutral palette trends than to prance around like a cute little cupcake! It’s sure to make me weak with a “Can I have this as a stocking filler this christmas!? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top!”

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Trend & Save

October 25, 2012

Yes.. yes.. ok regular readers, I KNOW this week were meant to hopping on the pic & tunes bandwagon.. AND YES.. we do see ALOT of shoes on here, too many at times.. But because my shoe needs are a must on this section of the web these particular ones HAVE to be blogged about as they depict everything I’ve ever wanted (and trust me, you want) from a boot.. ever.. And, as fashionably sad as it is.. they’re so nice, they make me sick every time I look at them, and if you’re a guy reading this post.. the kind of illness one would have as a football follower standing in their home teams dressing room amongst all their favorite players.
My fashion brain and I have always longed for the days of skipping down the middle of a snow flurried christmas light infused Oxford Street in a dalmatian print coat, wet look leggings and a pair of boots only dreams were made of seen in all of my fantasies.. and when I say fantasies.. these boots are like ones never to have been made, the sort of stuff someone thinks up in their head and never talks about whilst swallowing a deeply buried desperation in the inevitable case that if hopes rises fashion feelings could get hurt. Well this dream, MY DREAM, happened. And I’m still wondering how I’ve never encountered these heart palpitators before.

1) Peplum ankle leather boots in tan: £554: Casadei

The Casadei Peplum ankle boot combine a smooth round feminine toe, with the PERFECT amount of height from a chunky mary jane heel, black and almond pinky tone alongside one another in a vertical block print alongside a sophisticated chain detail to make any Chanel addict swoon towards this brand. These ladies, are a thing of true beauty, so beautiful that the expansion of the chain cup toe shoe now stretches across all the footwear styles.

But so long as my bank balance remains in the harsh state that it’s in and boots stay a much-needed item for this winter.. a £554 price tag is not going help me. So unfortunately these will have to stay well and truly scribbled down on my fashion hit list and this pair of similar style (but sadly not detail) Topshop black boots with gold edges and studs, although lovely, will have to do for the fore-sigh-able future. Talk about first world problems.

Oh and just on an out note, sorry for my not-so-weekly weekly postings to you all.. My second brain aka my boyfriend highlighted to me my lack of regular posting and booted me into completing my many drafts so you can thank him for this (another reason why I love him so -bleurgh-) Check back for another interesting blog article very soon!

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Trend & Save

October 15, 2012

It’s that time again.. the weathers getting cold, your grabbing most of the day light whilst you can and those dark christmas palettes filled with beaming metallic’s are cropping up all over the high street to tempt you before you’ve even thought about what you’re doing for new years. So what better way to start the new season with A/W’s always highlighted trend.. embellishment.
Embellishment can make any outfit go from bland to brilliant and this ASOS jewel encrusted bag will do just that so you don’t have to think about your NY outfit just yet whilst bejeweling any night out ahead of all your fashion pals.. oh and did I mention its at just over 100th of this Jimmy Choo price tag?

1) Chunky Jewel Barrel Across Body Bag: £45: ASOS

2) Claire silver-tone brass and crystal clutch: £4,000: Jimmy Choo via Net-a-porter

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Pic & Tunes

October 2, 2012

This week although like every other inspirational post weeks it features a variety of fashion and beauty images but it’s also been heavily taken over by the art and design world and as my career is in design I thought I’d go into this side of my visual love a little further on here this week. My real favourite (although they’re all amazing) as you can probably guess is the floating snow hats piece by Nendo, I mainly love the sense of depth of field in this one! Where music is concerned.. the X Factor is always such a taboo subject when it comes to music and ‘talent’, I don’t watch it religiously but I did manage to catch Ella Henderson’s rendition of Cher’s ‘Believe’ a week or so ago and since listening to it I can’t seem to stop! The lyrics have been so enlightened and empowered by this version whilst seemingly brushing the whole 90’s ideal away that it doesn’t feel like that same overplayed karaoke song we all know, a talent hard to achieve for any musician so this girl is definitely one to sign.

Most art images found via Hovercraftdoggy

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Shelly’s Shoes

October 1, 2012

Its end of season sale time everywhere and with my name being what it is its only fair that I talk about a well-known 50’s brand called Shelly’s shoes right?

Shelly’s shoes are a family business developed in the heart of 50’s britain, bumped and hustled its way into the lime light in the 70’s as footwear to ‘The Jam’ and given the title of hippest shoe from the 80’s and 90’s. With that being the main back story, although the brand has had its hey day and is now settling with little selling partnerships at ASOS and Newlook, and is probably not so hot right now as a creatively sculpted McQueen Armadillo or as star-studded as a spiked lita on the feet of a Jessie J or a Rita Ora, if you’re looking for some sickly sweet well made affordable feminine fancies for the last of the good weather before the darker seasons settles in Shelly’s are ones to browse.

With plenty of wild tropical prints and bear face pumps that you can shake a Charlotte Olympia stick at Shelly’s shoes provide a range of sophisticated classics as well as quirky twists on originals with cut out patterns and abstract shaped heels, meaning those fashion forward mums and high street haulers alike can find something they fancy all with immaculate detailing and high quality.

Belle wedge: £38.99 in the sale

Having had a pair of pixie boots made by Shelly’s before I can vouch for this brands comfortable, quality and long-lasting wear which is everything a shoe buyer is looking for right? And with sale prices what they are on the website and in the range at Newlook online.. it seems stupid to pass these by.. even if it is for a next year feet treat.

All sale prices – 1) Frankie wedge: £29.99 2) Cherub T-bar dolly shoe: £35.99 3) Picnic Basket vintage style open back brogue: £25.99 4) Joyce woven style brogue sandal: £30.99

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