A few more birthday surprises!..

I know my birthday was nearly a month ago but I thought I’d tell you about a few other cool little things I got for my birthday…
After moaning to my boyfriend about presents and endless amounts of emails telling him what I wanted he surprised me by getting both dresses I showed him even though I only asked for one, so I felt very spoilt by him :) both dresses are from asos

I also received some lovely jewelry on top of my rock ‘n rose ring including this lovely daisy print acrylic bracelet from my cousin from her online Facebook shop called Love My Junk, another flower related bracelet which I don’t take off from my brother and his girlfriend and last but not least I received my first diamond ring! Which has finally made its way down to me through my family!!

I lastly also received some amazing little shell trinket boxes that were given to me from one of my very good friends at uni, I can only assume that the amount of ooing and ahing I did for hours over pictures on the net of these little boxes instead of doing my uni project probably gave away how much I wanted one so I was extremely happy with them :)

Then after all those amazing presents and a small family get together I then had my 2nd annual joint party with my friend Robyn and had an absolute blast! So overall its been a start to a hopefully amazing summer!

M x


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