I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while but due to time I haven’t been able to, as per. But, now I have some time and have been assigned a new project to design business cards, I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to re-jog my memory and revise the work of an iconic company to gain some inspiration.
Brian Webb from the company WebbandWebb came in to talk about their work and inspiration at my university, when I first looked at the work I wasn’t amazed by a lot of it like I thought I would be and only small parts of it caught my eye but although the work wasn’t to my taste I soon started to appreciate it, as I realised that this company had the 2 best ingredients for creating good appealing design which explained their success – a long line of contacts and clever imagery in context.
The main piece’s of work I loved from the company that really inspired me were the 2 Royal mail books they were commissioned to create called “A thousand years, A thousand words” and “Journey of the Magi”.

Brian explained that to create some of the imagery for their royal mail pieces, the visual context of the subject had to be explored in-depth and the context to be discovered before the final product was produced.
This all seems very obvious words from a graphic design term but the sheer amount of layouts, backgrounds, objects and images he showed us for just one piece of work was astonishing, and the thought generation and areas explored were so in-depth which I personally feel is lacking in a lot of popular work today. Also even though when I first looked at the company’s work and I wasn’t blown away by the imagery, their simple but contextualised style really works and explains the subject clearly especially when looking at their work done for royal mail, one example of this would be their experimentation with perforation and embossing.

This in-depth re-think and re-do method (especially when it came to looking at design techniques such as embossing and perforation) got me thinking about my project, and has really made me think of different ways of bringing the subject of my work across and to look at the overall picture rather that just the picture itself.. if that makes sense..
You can check out their work on their website at webbandwebb.co.uk



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