Imogen Newton

Bloggers, journalist’s and fashionistas everywhere have been talking about new kid on the block Imogen Newton, one of the current faces for Topshop.
After reading a short piece from the Evening Standard about the model I’ve felt inspired by her effortless girl next door essence when looking at natural pictures of her, but also her striking boyish rough and ready charm when modelling for topshop. She seems to ooze less is more and reminds me visually as exactly half of singer Avril Lavigne and actress Claire Danes.
Although she’s 16 years old and every girls dream seems to have fallen into her lap, she is still determined to continue on to doing A-levels after getting all A’s and A*’s in her GCSE’s. So not only is she absolutely stunning, she’s extremely clever and is very level-headed for someone of her age.
Don’t you just hate her already!
You can view her modelling portfolio at


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3 Responses to “Imogen Newton”

  1. Sadie Says:

    I have met imogen and not only is she beautiful and smart, but she is also one of the nicest people i have ever known, she is not fake nice she is utterly genuine. she is also so down to earth and modest, all looks have no gone to her head as they have done to many other girls. i think she is one to look out for for sure

  2. Tilly Says:

    she is the year above me at my school and she seems quiet but beautiful

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