Barbour barbour barbour!

Barbour shaped Liddesdale £69.95
Asos Quilted Cord Collar Jacket £46
Barbour Classic Bedale Waxed Jacket £179.00

I just thought I’d do a short post on the Barbour brand as I’ve quite literally just received my own Barbour coat through the post, and its been one of the few things I’ve been looking forward to recently.

Although the Barbour brand was started just over 100 years ago purposely making tailoured clothing for outdoor activities such as hunting and horse riding and one major customer being the royal family, the brand has seen to have a massive change of market to the younger generation of fashion followers, with every girl and their chihuahua wearing these signature coats or reproduction’s of them like the one above from asos.

The Barbour coat is one of the very few remaining successes of a british brand thats still quite literally sewing true english heritage into all its clothes.
It’s nice to see a brand thats never changing to fit the latest trend but one that still extremely successful which goes to show that although fashion will come and go, true solid styles will always be around.

Although I’m currently based in the London area I originally come from the country side area of Essex and remember wearing my dad’s wax coat when I was little which he still has now 20 years later! Let’s hope its a cold winter so I can trial my own coat over christmas and match my dad :)


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