Playful Pixie!

After having my slightly overgrown pixie crop swept forward one evening and being given the nods of approval by my boyfriend, friends and family, I’ve been thinking about that hugely personal thing that is hair and looking at other celebrities who’ve had a similar style done that I’ve been told would be a nice change for myself.

Since my current hairstyle was based on one by the stunning model and queen of the pixie crop Agyness Deyn it was only natural for me to go straight to her constantly changing hairstyles for inspiration.

After looking at probably every version of the straight fringe pixie crop imaginable all modeled by one person! I’ve realised how much of a style icon Agyness Deyn really is, and although I personally feel that she’s been off the scene for a while and only come back recently appearing in ‘Love’ magazine modeling her controversial shaved head, she still seems to have this air of confusion, change of alias and overall sophistication about her as a model which is why her and the lime light gang seem to bounce back again and again.
So after all this talk and lust towards Miss.Deyn I’ve decided to make this an official announcement that I will be changing my hair to one of the crops in the top of this post, and heres how Im thinking I could possibly have it, what do you think of it compared to my current style?…


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