Home is where the heart is?

Just thought I’d do a quick post looking into 2 works of inspiration I’ve recently looked at in helping me create my Final Major Project at university. Apologies if you have already read this from my university blog.

My first piece of inspiration which I found on behance and is called ‘Feel’s like home’ by Onetreeink

This twists the characteristics of a main aspect in every home to create some interesting, professional and quite beautiful pieces of photography. Not only does it have the playful installation aspect of design, but also could be reproduced into a book or zine which is definitely a great design aspect to have for any piece of work.

Another piece of work I found really inspiring based on the home was the series of photographs called ‘What Makes A Home’ by Todd Cook

This artist concentrates on creating a series of photographs to document one persons road to recovery from cancer, and how the home is ‘The place where something is discovered, founded, developed or promoted; a source’ explains one of the definition’s of ‘home’.
This is another piece of work based upon a very personal subject of study, but professionally and cleverly shows humanity in the way of documenting the relationship between ‘The home’ and recovery.

When looking at my own work, these 2 inspirational artists have made me think about how I could push my own work further during this next unit on the documentation side, but also the explanation side of my work in WHAT I actually want to say or concentrate my overall unit upon.
Where do you think I should go when looking at my current work in my ‘Anxiety’ series?



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4 Responses to “Home is where the heart is?”

  1. todd cook Says:

    thanks michelle! glad you found that inspiring! :)

    • Michelle Siddall Says:

      Thank you for taking time out to read my blog, feeling a little star struck at the moment!
      Really love the way you capture emotion and depth in your photography, its something I really want to experiment with in my own work.
      Any helpful tips?

  2. #Amanda – Home is where the heart is? « ARTS-564 Says:

    […] Home is where the heart is? « Thoughts of a Shell. […]

  3. todd cook Says:

    Hey Michelle,

    I just saw your reply to this, sorry mine is so late. Try to be objective as possible, patient, and make the work not about you. look for moments, raw emotion, and a theme. Get to know your subject matter, and don’t treat them as subjects, treat them as human beings. Blend in, be inconspicuous! Best of luck!


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