After a long week of painting, sticking, varnishing and money spending I can finally reveal my brand new decoupaged bedside table and how I created it!
After researching about the layer designs on google and youtube I decided this time last year that I wanted to re-vamp my table using this technique but have only just got round to doing it. Its quick, cute and you know you’ll always have a unique item no-one else has! So here goes..

I first decided to take my hideous pink table and paint it glossy black for a patent finished look, as texture wise it would feel better than matt. For this I used a good old wilko gloss one coat paint around £7..

After this I then took my shiny flower decoupage set from Hobby Craft around £3 and customised the flowers by cutting the heads off the designs and sticking them in a wreath shape around the table with PVA glue, and also signed my initials on the table with transfer foil for 10p also from Hobby Craft!

I then added 4 coats of clear wilko gloss which is around £5. This slightly scared me at first as it comes out blue and streaky but does obviously drys clear. This enabled me to keep the ultra shiny finish of my flower designs and also seals the design in the table so they don’t peel off.

A few hours drying later and my brand new bedside table was completed! So happy with the final product and have so much paint, gloss and designs left that I think I may be decoupaging everything as It was such a great project and so fulfilling! Follow my simple steps and you could have a cute little decoupaged piece too! Happy paging! :)


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