Violetta E.

MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR Apologies are in order for my lack of blogging, its been too long and according to wordpress its been a whole month can you believe!

Due to third year university commitments and demanding work load (which will be posted when I receive the all clear) I haven’t been able to stop moving to sit and blog for you guys so I’m terribly sorry but I’m sure this little fashion post will revamp you tired blog wondering eyes :)

If you’re a fashion lover then you would have definitely heard of LookBook, which me and a few friends are a part of.. and within the last month (if I had written this post when I said I was going to it would have been a hotter LookBook topic) you would have met our crazy LookBook top leader and amazing photographer Violetta E.

You don’t have to be an avid fashion fan to realise how much talent this girl seems to ooze just from having a shutter at the end of her fingertip and a few ideas in hand, this girl has a fantastic eye for photography and a beautiful edgy style included! (and one of the main reasons I recently purchased a pair of DM’s)

Her use of countless interesting locations, accessories, editing and camera angles really push her grungy fashion photography to the top, and compared to the usual stream of thoughtless repetitive photography its nice to see somebody fashion orientated doing something strikingly different on LookBook for a change.

You can view her Lookbook page here:
Or to view all her photography plus her additional signature stop motions after every post click here to view her blog:

I will be back for more posting later, enjoy! xx


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