Geneviéve Cadieux is Vaughan Oliver?

Although I’m not allowed to upload my piece for D&AD until after the judging has taken place I do really want to share with you an amazing book which I gained inspiration from during my long intensive week of pressure.

I’m sure all you graphic’s geeks and typography twitts alike have heard of two of the most famous image makers in graphics history (propping up as inspirational figures nearly every 5 minutes at UCA) Stefan Sagmeister and Vaughan Oliver. Although these people have gave me so much visual and layout inspiration over the last 4 years (if you’re not familiar with these amazing artists I will be blogging about them soon) and during my D&AD project, I wanted to go somewhere slightly different with this blog post and show you a book that has the same contemporary design flair and surrealism twists as the designer Vaughan Oliver which I’ve mentioned above, but with the main outcome being fine art based opposed to commercially based graphics which is something deep down that I absolutely love.

The book in question is one entitled ‘Outer space’ and part of a photography and installation exhibition piece put on at the south bank center in 1991. At the time this exhibition had taken place and whilst Vaughan Oliver’s work was in full swing, I would have been about 2 years old possibly starting my own creations out of card and cellotape given to me for my birthday (sources coming from my mother), but it’s very easy to still appreciate how conceptual, contemporary and surreal these pieces are when comparing the heavy use of collage and photomontage in today’s design.

One artist featured in this book that I wanted to draw your attention to was the work by Geneviéve Cadieux entitled ‘Blue Fear’ created in 1990 and the use of double imagery with an overlay of sky. It has a contemporary design essence of Vaughan Oliver with the use of mysterious photography and rule of thirds, but also the well-known adoption of psychoanalytical dream elements meeting together to explain a truth we relate to but one that’s beyond realism (which we know very well as ‘surrealism’), which is an element also featured in Vaughan Oliver’s LP sleeve design entitled ‘Lonely is an Eyesore’ created in 1987.

It’s really interesting to see how the outcomes of both these artist’s work’s are so different even though the elements used and the juxtaposition in the way they are put together uses the same principles.
It’s so easy to see how a lot of could be named ‘dream catchers’ of todays art world relate directly to these elements to produce and sell work commercially in refreshing new ways, one example of this would be the collage artist Martin O’neil.

I think we’ll be seeing more and more collage artist’s with the use of surrealism continuously in the near future and that the art history students love and knowledge for surrealist art will never die out. I hope to upload my D&AD entry up here really soon to show you my interpretation of this concept.
M xx


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