Pixie perfect

What are the first 2 things you think of when you think of Topshop? Did I hear you say expensive and addictive? Well think again because now there seems to be Topshop outlets popping up all around the country.
I took a trip to a little London hotspot (one of which I can’t remember as my friends were driving and spent most of my time on my phone) to have a little browse at the things they had to offer.
There wasn’t a lot to gawp at as a lot the stock was repeated across all the sizes but there were a few absolute gems if you rummaged deep enough. I ended up buying 2 Peter pan collar dresses, one which was jersey and green (RRP £28) and the other sheer black with an embellished collar (RRP £50), due to the fact it was buy one get one free all over the store I bought both these dresses for.. drum roll please… £30!! That’s £15 a dress! So I saved myself a small fortune with the embellished beauty!

Here I finished the green one off with a pair of teal DM’s and leopard rust headscarf and the embellished dress with the same headscarf, blue satchel and pixie boots.
Aren’t they adorable!
P.s Sorry I’ve put a square on my face.. I looked ill in the photos :(


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  1. Dad Says:

    Really interesting read!!

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