Wildfox Couture

So word on the street (well.. the net) is that Wildfox Couture have a new range of amazing t-shirt designs to buy online (and if you’re an extremely poor student like me gawp at and adore through pixels).
If you haven’t already heard of Wildfox Couture.. you must have been living in a bush somewhere away from all civilization for the last 5 years.

On the sunny streets of LA in 2006 two very pretty blonde friends Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon collaborated together to create this very sweet but feisty brand of (at the beginning of its life) t-shirt designs. The girls have been together ever since creating kitch designs and broadening the business later into a ‘sweater’ range, and to be honest when your brand has been very quickly the number 1 item adorned by celebrities everywhere including Halle Berry and Christina Aguilera, who wouldn’t expand!

The designs themselves are quoted to have been “inspired by sleepover’s, beautiful books, fairies, dreams and vintage t-shirt’s..” and this new ‘Vive la France’ cute apparel collection has all of this and more.
With a strong use of traditional kitsch typography, french symbolism and modern humour the pieces clearly reiterate how the girl’s 5 year career soared so well with this recipe of design.

After looking deeper into the company and being an avid Topshop consumer nut, it seems that the new range of very similar T-shirt designs owned by another said LA company called Little Fox (available recently from Topshop) may be owned by its older and much wiser brother Wildfox?

The use of wit, striking colour, classic Wildfox symbolism but with an added affordability bonus in these design’s available at Topshop makes me think Wildfox had a possible change in direction? Although Wildfox claim to be unveiling a new ‘kids’ range this year in the same name I can’t find any information on the company or a concrete link to Wildfox but I think I may be on to something.. hmmmm…


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