Tighty whiteys!

Every teen, fashionista, magazine, stylist, zine, crazed consumer and their dog (to name a few) are all talking about that little thing called spring and the up and coming hot (or rather milder) spots popping up on that map that is english fashion.

I want to concentrate on a very specific colour making a very contrasting come back compared to our winter ranges.. white!
It seems that the whole of the high street is having a little spring clean from all of the grungy black’s and bronze’s we were hit by in A/W and has sprung back with a much more brighter out look for this season.

There have been a few things that have caught my eye, but the main piece seems to be the traditional sheer english blouse in white/off white/pale shade’s which all seem to have that feel of “Yes I do take styling tips from Pulp Fiction, yes this does make me look sophisticated and sharp, and yes my gangster friend will probably blow your balls off”.
The first 4 examples I have are from Boo Hoo, Topshop, New Look and H&M

I absolutely love all of these shirts as they all seem to have their own quirky contemporary finish.. Boo Hoo’s one in using an off coloured shade of pink, Topshop’s for the use of added details with stitching, New Look for a dipped hem and H&M for its very sleek long line shirt just like our good friend Mia Wallace.

Also the great thing about white is, just like black, it can complete an outfit as it’s a ‘shade’ and not a ‘colour’!
I can see all of these going perfectly with leggings, a headscarf, Barbour jacket and DM’s.


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