The NEW ‘latest love’ posts: Swedish Hasbeens

I have decided that every friday on my blog I will feature something fashion and culture wise (obviously) that has been.. my latest love! (Bet you didn’t see that one coming) and write a short feature on each piece.
I hope your ready for my current style archive to be opened up! (But lets not start dressing the same as that could be weird).
And today ladies and gentlemen we are talking Swedish Hasbeens..

Born in 2006 from a said ‘Hot mum’ Anita, Sweedish Hasbeens is a brand that has been dishing out 1970’s style fantasy clogs, leather shoes and loafers in a clog style that only me, you and the dutch could dream about.
With a current contract at H&M and summer quickly underway, I’m sure that these are going to take off very soon especially in my wardrobe as I absolutely adore them!!
As the website is quite pricey for the UK you can buy a selection of these beauties on Urban Outfitters!

See you all on friday for another latest love!


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One Response to “The NEW ‘latest love’ posts: Swedish Hasbeens”

  1. Mother Says:

    I remember you trying these on in Oxford Street but I prefer the clog with the bow – very stylish. JUST WISH YOU COULD AFFORD….

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