Latest love: The festival DIY tee!

Now I know the festivals this year are currently in full swing and I’m a bit behind on the current blog trend of festival attire but I have to talk about my love for tie dye this year!!

I’ve been wanting for a few months now (probably nearing on a year) to re-create the Wildfox Couture gold triangle t-shirt:

a) Due to cash funds being very low and not being able to fork out for a real one, and b) Its not being available in the UK, and since a few of my friends were attempting some tie dye just in time for Glastonbury, I thought I’d try my hand at some bleach painting!

Its a simple as bleach, dip, paint! I put a piece of cardboard in-between the front and back of the t-shirt so it didn’t transfer, painted with bleach, rinsed in water, let it hung to dry slightly and then washed in the washing machine!
Although it’s not the real thing I absolutely love it, such a quick and easy design and yet so effective (all of what Wildfox stand for), and I wear it constantly now.

After this magnificent success I tried my hand at a dip dye which I had previously seen on an M&S t-shirt which I really loved but couldn’t afford at the time..

I created this by dipping the shirt up to where I wanted the dye to reach and then did each shade level in sequence; Strongest at the bottom dipped for about 20 min, the second tier by dipping the shirt further in for about 5 min and then the final tier for about 1 min.
Again it came out great and we all looked like identical frolicking hippies together at Glastonbury all weekend with sunnies, drinks and friendship bracelets!

I think the DIY T-shirt is such a great and cheap way to create your own unique design that no-one else has and recycle a un-loved t-shirt thats sat at the back of your wardrobe. No wonder everybody’s at it!

Here are a few festival pics below (and a special group photo taken by the staff at the UCA tent!):

(Some Images courtesy of Becky Scarborough, UCA and


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