Latest love: The Sleeveless Teddy Girl

The new hip summer trend.. the sleeveless shirt (yes I have finally got round to blogging about this, sorry for the wait).
High street brands everywhere seem to be delving into the current teddy boy look with hoards of tight jeans, cameos, short sharp haircuts, pencil skirts and creepers that you can swing an American rock and roll record at.

This look has been a long time coming with tight jeans, leggings, pussy bow blouses and boater hats crawling their way in and staying strong through summer 2010, and as soon as the word sun was even mentioned by our weather men (and women) people everywhere started hacking the sleeves off of all their shirts and t-shirts to create a smart yet personal approach to this trend, and I was definitely there with them.

I think this trend is a nice way of keeping the sharp tailored aspect to the teddy boy look but giving a more balanced, casual and cooler (in terms of temperature) to this very OTT style and a very nice shift on from 2010.

Check out the big ‘boys club’ collection at ASOS with a large selection that’s bang on trend:

ASOS ‘Boys club’ collection

ASOS Scalloped Collar Blouse: £25

ASOS Sleeveless Satin Tie Pocket Front Blouse: £30

ASOS Contrast Collar Sleeveless Boyfriend Shirt: £25

ASOS Piper Soft Blazer: £35
Brixton Pack Straw Bowler: £45
KG Leonardo Block Coloured Brogue: £110
ASOS PREMIUM Leather Tucklock Breifcase: £85


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