Forever 21, Oxford Street

It’s finally here, the wait is over, take a deep breath.. Forever 21 has now opened on Oxford street! and yesterday in what me and my boyfriend call my ‘Grease’ inspired outfit with tailored pleets and pink galore, I went down to take a look! (excuse the view of the Debenhams toilets..)

Cardigan: Bay Trading £7? (sale about 3 years ago)
Dress: Topshop £20
Socks: Newlook 50p, sale!
Boots: Clarks Desert Boots £40, also sale!

Now, not to ruin such an excited and happy post, but among all the woo’s and yay’s I really don’t know why I got so excited about this grand opening.

As we all know and are aware from Forever 21’s website that sometimes the brand can be either major hit with half the price Topshop look-a-like-lovely’s or ‘far from it’ miss and you’d probably find something better in a charity shop (an insult to charity shops). In all honesty the store is really no different to the site apart from being nice to look at and well designed.

I really did think before traveling to the store (which I will highlight is just down from John Lewis on the same side of the road after being told too many different routes from several horrible security guards at many different shops), that the Forever 21 brand would have created some sort of exclusive opening range/ sold major amounts of the obvious UK shoppers stock/ some amazing fashion pixie would have come along and changed all of the stock for the better. But sadly to my dismay this was not the case.

Admittedly I did spot a FEW lovely things (considering the amount of ‘nice’ pictures here for a 3 floored store there was not a lot), but all of it seemed to lie in the ‘accessories’ part and not many main statement clothing pieces seemed to exist.
While I was there I bought myself a nice red crocodile print clutch purse and went around spotting the fashion heart throbs and the major fatalities:



So although there is a mass hype of bloggers out there loving the idea of the Forever 21 opening and telling you how amazing it is, one word of advice: if you don’t like US fashion, don’t believe the hype.

P.s. sorry about the image quality..


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