Latest Love: The Moustache Keepsake

The Moustache.
Once a gentleman’s attachment of class and fashion, for Dali and his homeboy’s. Now an adornment to any personal twee accessory known to man.
The Moustache craze seems to have taken off over the recent year, and made itself into some sort of Warhol modernist symbol manifesting on every possible t-shirt, mug, earring, sticker, tattoo and even hairstyle across the high street.

Asos button earrings: £6
Tatty Devine necklace: £24 mug: £6.99
E.N.C mens t-shirt: £20
Wildfox women’s t-shirt: £70
Mo Bro mug: £4.29
Fancy dress moustache set: £4.99
Asos ring: £8

As much as I like this little kitch trend (as much as any other kitch trend) I think it may have now reach its ultimate peak and can now be accompanied with the other owls, bows, polka dots, birds, boater hats, triangles and horses and finally laid to rest.
Although I don’t think this will be the next big thing like our beloved/dreaded floral pattern, I don’t think It’ll stop me and all the other fashion followers wearing it and being a fresh addition to those key fashion wardrobe pieces.
Although.. maybe not like that overly used ‘facebook photo’ tattoo finger craze or that i/unnovative hair style?

Sorry to offend but… Point?


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