Latest Love: ‘Glossy Box’

So kids on the street are talking about a new type of ‘Graze box’, one a little less edible and more wearable.. Welcome to the world of Glossy box.
Now I’m not one to get overly excited about make-up as I’m one of those people who stick’s to the same make-up routine day in day out, with the odd touch of eyeliner and blusher here and there, but this my trend friends is a real steal.
Glossy Box as far as I’m aware is a £10 a month way to bag yourself a variety of different high-end beauty products every month, but also a way to get yourself some absolutely free (yes F-R-E-E) beauty products too by reviewing these products and earning ‘glossy dots’.
I don’t know about you but I don’t really have the spare cash available each month to blow on a high-end products as my normal beauty routine head to toe is pricey enough as it is. On top of that I don’t really know whether I trust the many random online reviews by ‘Joe Bloggs’ that tell me it’s a ‘real innovation’. So £10 a month for me seems like a fair deal to try before I buy.
Although this ‘glossy dots’ idea means that every 10 months (yes I did work it out) you’ll receive a free box if you review every product you receive within those 10 months, I think for the benefits of not forking out the price tag’s and swapping for some quite substantially large samples means its enough of a bargain.
I’m still waiting to be paid before I eventually delve into this lovely idea, but here are a few photos of the people who already have and love it:

There have been a few negative vibes coming from some bloggers about some of the boxes received but I really can’t understand how expensive large samples of products for £10 a month can be a bad thing?
Stay tuned to find out how I got on!…


2 Responses to “Latest Love: ‘Glossy Box’”

  1. Anca Says:

    Heeeey…im subscribed to glossybox,got my first one last month.the products were amazing and 3 of them were fullsize.ill send u a pic if u want:) cant wait for the august box,not long now!

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