Latest Love: The Craft Central Network summer roof party!

Really sorry for another late ‘latest love’ post, I’ve been really frantic this week with my moving date looming, working 2 jobs, reviewing and interviewing, and I’m slightly panting just from writing that. But luckily for you I’m back! Minus the sad insect pun’s from one of my last posts.. yay!
Anyway My latest love this week is about Craft Central and the fun of networking!

My friend Becky is currently doing a placement with craft central and invited me along to their open networking night with a roof top party last week.
When I got there I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what theme they’d chosen to host.. The seaside!! So I was obviously all over it like a rash.
It was really nice to walk round and get to know what craft central is all about, see some artist work, possibly buy it.. and erm… obviously have some free cake.

Craft Central is a design platform, studio rental block and charity all run by people passionate about craft and artists that need the help to get into that very tough market. It focuses holding these special network parties for the artists involved in the platform and also people who rent their studios spaces from them, helping them to meet people, publicize and ultimately find work.

Here are a few images of one of the artists work and the souvenir’s being sold, with part of the proceeds going to help victims of the recent London riots. Unfortunately I forgot to take images of the roof top area, so your imagination is needed for that part.

It’s really nice to find another art charity that’s so hardworking and dedicated to helping people living and working in the art community as it seems to be getting progressively harder to get noticed nowadays.

All in all it was a very relaxing night seeing some interesting work under a theme I couldn’t have chosen better myself!
Check them out here:

Just to let you know that I am moving house this week and so internet and latest love posts may be unavailable but I will be back in due course!
See you soon! x


One Response to “Latest Love: The Craft Central Network summer roof party!”

  1. Becky Says:

    The photo of me is gross, but good post apart from that!
    We must buy some of those mini party rings!

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