Daily Desire with Becky Scarborough!

So after complaining to my good pal Becks that it’s really hard to ‘desire’ blog about things involving my lifelong passion of design, she jumped at the chance of sending me to thepoundshop.org, a shop used as a platform for artists to sell their art but under strict rule that their product has to be sold for a pound.
There are some absolutely unbelievably cool stuff to offer and all for a pound! But unfortunately I think its only round as a pop up shop for the 2 weeks of design week, so act fast if you want to get anything as there’s only 5 days left.
I’m really desiring the crucifix pencil and Becky’s loving all the miniatures they have to offer. So glad I’ve been introduced to this, thanks for the desire Becky!! <3

Crucifix pencil, knitted animal heads and the tiny people stickers; all £1 from thepoundshop.org


One Response to “Daily Desire with Becky Scarborough!”

  1. daveystruds Says:

    The knitted heads remind me of some people I work with!!

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