Daily Desire – Halloween special!

Today I’m talking less fashion and more culture as our lovely American turned English holiday Mr.Halloween is 21 days away, and I think it maybe time to get prepared with an outfit?
Although it is a lovely feeling being wrapped in covering yourself head to toe in toilet roll or getting your mums best sheets and cutting holes in it at last-minute, I think its time us Brits gave the Yanks a run for their money this year.
Heres my short list of the top ebay outfits and party gear guaranteed to send your night creeping up the social ladder..

Chopped up meat market scene wall sheets; £3.98 (including delivery) from ebay

Life size scarecrow wall decoration; £9.99 (including delivery) from ebay

Zombie lady Halloween costume; £24.99 (plus £2.95 delivery) from ebay

Evil Jester costume; £28.95 (plus £3.95 delivery) from ebay

Realistic skeleton mask (which moves as you talk :s); £15.50 (with free delivery) from ebay

Fake hanging eye wound; £3.99 (plus £1.50 delivery) from ebay


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