Daily Desire

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found this recent company that one of my daily readers and life long fans (my mother) mentioned to me to be part of the daily desire.

‘Two’s Company’ are a US jewellery, accessory, furniture, gift ware and all things irresistible label and boy do they really test your shopaholic devil as to whether he stays in your purse.
They have 3 themed sections to their company buy unfortunately there are only a few bits available to buy direct as they mainly sell direct to established retailers.

Although this feature is a slight flaw for a budding online blogger and shopping extraordinaire (as you can imagine), its lucky that a shop near my parents sells an array of their pieces, including this plastic typography embellished bangle my mum bought me that rivals in price to a similarly themed metal one by Disney couture and some interesting bags made from recycled car tyres and studs!.. now where’s my christmas list..

“Find your passion. Take chances” bangle; £11 from Marmalade
Disney Couture “Have faith in your dreams” bangle; £28 from ASOS
Recycled tyre and stud bag; £29.99 from marmalade


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