Daily Desire: Tokyo week!

So it’s Konbanwa to all my current work colleagues and Konnichiwa to all my English readers! Un-expectedly I am currently located in the Town of Soga just a short commute from the center of Tokyo; Japan on business. So when I not working I will be updating with all the amazing cultural things I have been encountering.
Anyway to start us off as many people who read up on Japan know that its one of the destinations famous for it Vending Machines and unlike the UK they all actually work! So just now at 10pm local time I decided I wanted a tea and grabbed myself a HOT Tea for 120¥ (£0.90) in a PLASTIC bottle to take back to my hotel!?
I was also shown a machine that sold a first aid kit complete with a defibrillator just incase your coffee proves a little too much, all for a grand total of 8¥ (£0.06)! Crazy!


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