Daily Desire: Tokyo round up!

Konichiwa! Sorry about the late Tokyo post, been so busy with the job I was set in Tokyo that I have somewhat neglected my blog. I just wanted to share with you some photographs alongside a quick round-up of the whole scene.

So first. Lets get one thing straight. Although a lot of us brits compared to most of the world do have a very alternative but high standard to style and fashion, the girls of Tokyo really do know how to knock us out of the water.
From walking around Tokyo which I would describe as a much friendlier, cleaner and far more up market version of London, I realised the sheer amount of facilities available to the girls of Tokyo keeping them so perfectly perky and annoyingly polished is so great it makes Oxford Street look like a kids playground!

Everywhere I went and anything I saw ticked all the boxes of being innovative and different yet cute and fashionable, on top of being at such low prices and in huge varieties! Here are a few fashion accessories, stationary and generally cool stuff that I saw when walking around the biggest shopping destination Ginza:

On top of this easily accessible fashion frenzy, the very respectable attitude that oozed in the retail surroundings rather than our oh so snobby retail assistants in the UK, AND the very healthy low-fat low carb food for these crazy fashionable Harajuku girls, it’s no wonder why there number 1 on style, culture, technology and being THE slimmest girls on the planet. (I’m also so glad this trip didn’t result in me hating Polka dots!)

So if you love city breaks, fashion, technology and being immersed in a completely different way of living then Tokyo is your destination!
P.s. Had to slip my new watch in there! What do you think?


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