Daily Desire

Like most of the females of the UK at the moment I am one style conscious girl who is looking for a set of cute but functional knit wear to wrap up warm in and prepare for the fourth coming cold months of winter, and currently feeling like I’m writing a parody of a care bears lonely hearts entry.
So you would’ve thought the creme de la creme of the high-street would have the tip-top styles and amazing prices ready to rock and roll?
Its seems that my usual high street hangs outs to go alongside my designer and vintage goods are not quite up to standard, with a disappointing effort on creating a variety of style choices, sheer decrease in ‘classic’ jumpers like cable knits and straight mid length cardigans and a great volume of ‘current’ quick lived styles with no fashion distance (either that or the prices are chokingly high):

ASOS LOL Jumper: Asos, £35

Now I’m not one to really go mad for H&M as they don’t create anything that really creates my overall personal style, but they’ve really jumped on the knitting needles this winter and created an array of nicely cut, simple, classic jumpers and all with ridiculously low price tags that you could afford to have a new one every day all winter long.. well maybe not that cheap.
So lets forget all the let downs and the November foraging for decent knit wear just skip down to H&M and I assure you there will be no sad faces.

Grey cable knit jumper: H&M, £24.99
Pink long cable knit jumper: H&M, £19.99
Grey crop jumper: H&M, £12.99
Chunky knit leather elbow patch long cardigan: H&M, £24.99


One Response to “Daily Desire”

  1. Becky Says:

    I love the first jumper!

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