Latest Love: Nail Cane Review

Nails. Not only serving as a useful body attachment for our primal instinct to dig for shelter or eat, but also in the current age they are used as a brilliant base to create amazing outfits adding subtle pieces of colour and pattern to any creation.
It seems it’s never been more important to own the hottest nail care and styling products, with what seems like a new trend coming out to try every week how could you not with this year alone including nail marbling, nail wraps, crackle polish, nail pens, newspaper transferring, DIY leopard designs hot from the WAH WAH press and not forgetting the current explosion of the magnetic polish.
The current figures for the market show a huge jump up in all profit figures by a third in 2011 compared to 2010 and with the US federal government spending $684,607 on Hair, Nail, and Skin Care Services this year it’s no wonder the company of Nails Inc having started to expand its products overseas in the US and south africa markets!

As it seems like a good time to talk nails I’ve decided that this week I’m reviewing a more 3D look with a pack of Nail Canes which you may remember from one of my daily desire post’s a few months ago…

I finally received a slightly better pack to the ones above through the post a few weeks ago after being stuck in customs for a while (god knows why) and I couldn’t wait to try them out!
Nail canes like you would assume are nail designs just like a stick of rock you get from the seaside with continued style graduated down the whole cane and are interestingly made of rubber so that there flexible enough to curve around the shape of any nail. The main idea for these sweet little 5mm diameter canes is to cut to a desired thickness and add to a post polished nail (sorry about the poor quality images)..

and even to use several designs to create a theme like these ideas below:

Overall I think like many nails fads that aren’t just a straight forward polish, they can be over the top but mainly taint the pampering idea your should get when you try these products.
Although I didn’t go wild like some of these designs, after going through a weekly process of heavily abusing the nail glue, several top coats and base coats alongside several colour polishes and spending a good hour or so on each design (which are exactly detailed) it does get slightly tedious.
I think these are a very fun and cheap way (compared to some quick fix and expensive nail wraps) to pamper yourself and be slightly daring with ideas at any nail length but don’t over do it if your going to try it out.

Nails canes: Ebay, approx £2 for 100 canes
Nail glue: Ebay, £1 for 5

Facts and figures gathered from:
Ernst & Young


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