Daily Desire

I’m directing down the design route today with a certain little beauty that I can’t wait to come out..
Berg design consultancy have created this clever printer to create practically anything in miniature version. Now I know at first you think such things like ‘why would I need this in my life’ and ‘why has someone bothered to create yet another object to go in the growing collection of miniature fads?’ Although this may be a slight fad it is deep down a very clever piece of equipment for quick personal creativity and the levitation of back pain…
When you plug this baby in the world becomes a giant publication and with a touch of a button you can do a number of innovative things like create your own zine, print out your favourite newspaper in miniature to read on the train, give people your favourite recipes, print interesting pin board material and even your friends can send lovely messages to your machine which are then printed out for you to read where ever you are! Whoever said print was dead!

Little Printer: Available in 2012, Berg


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