Daily Desire

Hello all! Sorry to have been on a slightly longer holiday hiatus than expected but its great to be back after a huge mish mash of activities, seeing people I’ve really missed, having a very positive outlook on the year ahead and generally moving forward!.. but before we get down to business… here are a few excuses for my time away…

With the January sales in full swing there are many great offers out there.. but, like always, being the kind, thoughtful and huge catch of a friend that you are you’ve spent all your money on treating the ones you love and probably.. ultimately.. people you hate (it’s always the christmas way), and don’t have anything to treat yourself with.
Fear not because this little selection of £10 and under hot to trot sale accessories is here to help boost your moral for the next few chilly months ahead without breaking the budget!

1) ASOS Polka Dot Pleat Neck Tie: £4; ASOS
2) ASOS Faux Fur Mittens: £4.50; ASOS
3) Raelene Colour Flecked Acrylic Knit Multi Colour Pom Pom Hat: £8; BooHoo
6) GREEN STONE CUBE RING: £3.50; Topshop
7) Vintage Cream 3 Basket Cake Stand: £9.95; Dot com gift shop
8) Triple Shell Tray: £8; Oliver Bonas
9) Ceramic Alphabet Hook: £7.50: Oliver Bonas
10) Wool Felted Fedora Hat: £4; Newlook


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