How to dodge a Vexed Valentines: Daily Desire

Among all the titillating talk of compassionate adoration between lovers (and also the disgusted and seething chat of some of the current soul-searching singletons) on this over priced and over hyped single day of every year, hides the undertone of dread, panic and shame of that one person who’s thinking.. “How in the WORLD has the time flown past when I was planning my valentines gift and now I’ve blasted forgotten about it and can’t get down the local offy to resurrect my fleeting love life. What am I going to do..”
Take all those thoughts and throw them away my little lost love bird with a belated Hummingbird Bakery surprise!
Choose between a selection of cupcakes, muffins and exclusive valentines selection (only available until today) and get them delivered to your loved one the next day, and yes, they do cater to certain dietary requirements.. so.. what are you waiting here for?? Get online, order, sweeten them up this eve and then wait patiently for your sickly end tomorrow. Sorted!

Hummingbird bakery valentines selection: £19.50 – £30; The Hummingbird Bakery


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