The weekly bloggers bookmarks #1

Lets forget this was meant to be posted friday but due to my lovely internet being what it is, it decided to not do its one only purpose in life and work when I needed it to.
Aaaanyway let’s get down to business and let me introduce my newest blog feature ‘The bloggers bookmarks!’ this idea basically came to me in a dream of how I’ve recently not been able to manage my blog properly alongside my many other business ventures all blabbed in my last post, and so I wanted to have a weekly feature that still had the same purpose as my daily desires but a more weekly round-up version, so due to my obsessive bookmarking ways this seemed like a in-genius and much more unique way for me to research and blog at the same time! But I do still plan to do my highstreetVSdesigner posts when I can.

So lets start with my very first selection of bookmarks and this week it’s all about Campbell’s, fampbells (fake Campbell’s), 2 piece suits and Brothel Creepers… so.. mainly my speciality again; shoes.

The 5 bookmark breakdown:

1) Americano fampbells: £35; Chocker’s shoes
As we know a lot of us really can’t afford those purse stretching heavy breathing price tags that we know and hate, but the Campbell’s are a shoe style we ALL want for this season. As I may have shown you before Chocker’s do a variety of the best Campbell rips off’s at the LOWEST price tags (I’ve already checked so don’t be fooled by other market leaders), and these are the perfect fakeries of the original Campbell american flag shoe and will go terribly well with the rock t-shirt, hat, stripped legging combo for this season.

2) 2 piece dog-tooth suit: £15 for the shorts and £12 for the jacket; Boohoo
Now on to another little season idea. I’m sure that the Kate Middleton fanatic’s will LOVE this trend, but I’m not sure it will fare so well with some of the main high street maniacs (unless you put them on Cheryl Cole Tweedy of course). I personally love this 2 piece idea and can see this working well toned down from the ultra nan look with t-shirts, creepers, socks and fedora’s. If you want to stand out in the current sea of stripes then this is a look to go for.

3) Jeffrey Campbell Kelong Brogue: £160; Zalando
Yes yes I know I’m now going to repeat myself here with 2 pairs of Campbell’s, and YES I did just save you a ton of money flying the flag of Chocker with the star and stripes boot above, but seriously LOOK AT THESE!! Flatform’s are MASSIVELY in and as I predicted a good couple of months ago the high street have started selling the flatform sandals so no surprise there. But it does seem that Jeff has been busy and beat them to it with the 50/50 version of half shoe half-open brogue. The open feature of this shoe is definitely going to give an edge to the endless amounts of people in plain flatform sandal but still keep that modern tailored 50’s edge. Watch this space.

4) Jeffrey Campbell Spike Platform Boot: £118.56; Nasty Girl
Another Jeffrey Campbell proving to already be a massive hit with fashionista’s is this little spiky devil. Although the plain block colour’s of the campbell boots are everywhere and is nice for an everyday shoe without being too different, with the added texture and shapes in this pair proving popular to create that added statement effect for any outfit, I plan to get my purse in gear and snap a pair of these up asap!

5) Wulfrun – Roundtoe Navy Suede / Leopard Interlace D-Ring Lace-up Brothel Creepers: £86; Underground
Now with my last entry I am slightly biased as these are my own pair of brothel creepers that I just got for my birthday alongside my wooden effect wayfarer Jeppers Peepers sunnies (and although the hit sunglasses of 2 years ago the wooden effect is so different to anything at the moment that I had to snap them up!), so I would write about them!
Due to my tailored personal style these are perfect alongside my many shirts to stride me comfortably in to the 50’s look about to take off so as you can imagine I’m a very happy bunny.

Well that’s it for this weeks bookmarks, remember to check back next week and look out for my highstreetVSdesigner post’s to save yourself a bit of cash and some more of my art and music reviews to hopefully come out very soon! x


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