The Bloggers Bookmarks #2

1) Black Midi Pencil Skirt: £9.99; Newlook
Sorry for the lateness again, its been another hectic weekend! Now this is definitely one thing I hate about mainstream fashion, once somethings deemed a ‘has-been’ it becomes an absolute hell for someone who follows a certain style to find that item again. So for someone like me who likes tailored styles and the midi tube skirt become a throw away item I went through quite a lengthily battle to find the exact one due to fashion’s police tape. But all moaning aside I finally found this one and it’s definitely better quality and cheaper than my original (now dead) ASOS one, looking forward to using this with my creepers and pastel socks! Summers sorted!

2) Lizzie Capped Sleeve Leopard Body: £8; BooHoo
Another useful little item to go with that pencil skirt would be this mega cheap leopard body! I can also see this with a wedges, jeans, denim jacket and straw boater hat combo for those lazy summer evenings out. I’m clicking to pay as I type!

3) Annie Polka Dot Bodycon Dress: £8; BooHoo
Taking up space in my virtual basket as well as my bookmark bar is this sweet little bodycon. This is another little summer treat I thought could be a quick and easy way to wear those pastel shade through summer without breaking the bank balance!

4) Mixed Chambray Shirt: £20; BooHoo
A slow up take in talking about this last BooHoo item but one I’ve been meaning to chat about for a few weeks now.. is the grand opening of the men section at BooHoo! I’m sure it’ll take a while for this to be a hit as most men probably won’t have thought about BooHoo as a male fashion outlet, plus they don’t really shop around like women do and tend to stick to the same old uniqlo-Topshop fiasco (typical). But if it’s every to take off this summer I’m sure this little obvious summer chambray number will fly off the shelves in no time.

5) Jeffrey Campbell Lita in exclusive Black Milk Cosmic print: $159.95 (£99.86); Exclusive to Solestruck
Yes I know this is another pair of Campbells but I’m sorry, when the god’s of the galaxy leggings (of which I saw on a REAL HUMAN BEING in Brick Lane this weekend and I nearly died of excitement) create a shoe baby it’s something that must be blogged about. Yes Black Milk have made the ultimate musthaveorwilldie shoe, did you manage to catch them before they practically sold out? Don’t worry if you didn’t as I hear there are more versions to appear in due course! Exciting!!!


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