Zatchel VS Dr.Martens

This is a more of a designer vs designer post today, but one I HAD to talk about. As of today Dr.Martens have re-introduced their leather satchel collection and are now in brutal competition with the leading specialists at Zatchel. Although UK brand Zatchel’s bags are lovely and the finish is of true high quality (if you seen one in the flesh you’ll KNOW about it)… unfortunately so are their fellow UK rock and roll enemy Dr.Martens, which makes choosing a satchel a hard decision. Although I LOVE the zatchel bags with Dr.Martens well-known for their historic presence in the 50’s and 60’s their collection in comparison to the gods of satchel is obviously more in season and runs along the much more vintage/grunge/teddy boy look of current UK style, with darker shades (obviously there’s the odd few lightly coloured ones) and patent animal patterns. Plus with that little added touch of a gold ‘Dr.Martens’ tag on the front in a simple brush script and gold clasps it does make me want to stride tall and proud along the high street with one on my arm for queen and country just that little bit more.. or maybe the brands history is just creating a slight shopping placebo on me.. what do we think?

Left: Black and White Polka Dot Leather Satchel; £91: Zatchel
Right: Dr.Martens 11″ Black Croco leather satchel; £90: Dr.Martens


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