The Bloggers Bookmarks #4

In this weeks blogger’s bookmark I wanted to focus my attention on my top 3 current trends and mini trends and what 6 key mid-season cheap-as-chips but as desirable-as-designer pieces can be found to achieve these looks on the high street so that every girl can have the best of both worlds.. a great new look AND a less empty fridge!

OOTW Space wear

Now we know that the Gothic space age mini trend meets pastel shade meet flawless flung over shoulder leather jacket Coachella look is SO this season, but to be able to get that amazing Black Milk look for an eighth of the price is merely impossible right? If you’re current decision to accept your bank balance fate and answer this question with a polite sigh induced yes.. then you’d be wrong.. so very.. VERY wrong.
ASOS again seem to be top of the leader board here this week offering not one.. not two.. but you guessed it THREE amazing little must haves.
This little string vest dress is in the sale at £7.50 from £25.. I’m very impressed by this one and obviously by the price but with a host of sizes left I bet they won’t last long.
A tie-dye skirt and legging combo follow also by ASOS creating that pop of colour born to be against that grey jumper or white graphic t-shirt look. These are two great pieces to coincide with any monochrome meltdown.

1) ASOS Midi Vest Dress In Print: £7.50: ASOS

2) ASOS Mini Skirt in Tie Dye Print: £15: ASOS

3) ASOS Legging in Layered Tie Dye Print: £20: ASOS

The fitted fifties

Although the t-shirt and legging combo life were living in is comfortingly swell and all.. I have felt that our country is in need of a little bit more character. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure at the beginning of my exsistence I was born in leggings.. but I do think our fashion stores are in need of a shake up and suit up, as graphic t-shirts have slowly become the new bore.
I have spoken about the fifties look for a while and coincidentally been wearing it for a while, but to erm rock-out with-out the need for leggings and with that comfort aid in a.. flat..form come the peplum, aka the ‘overskirt’, the faithful little fitted waist tucker and svelte maker worn obsessivley by the likes of Holly Willoughby, Liv Tyler and Emma Stone. Trust me its a hit that’ll stick.
This little fifties feminine flick is hot everywhere on the highstreet by my favourite places for a cheap and cheerful items award has to go with the experts at Matalan and… er.. Amazon?
I was quite impressed by the choice of 4 coloured dresses by Matalan all at a ridiculous price of £16 each. Although I’m not fond on the belt.. by adding a good dose of underground creeper and a gold waist chain belt such as this ASOS one this dress is good to go.
Amazon.. a strange one to suggest for highstreet wear but I thought this little dress was a cheaper and slightly different twist to everything available for the vertical stripe craze re-born from last year.

4) Ponte Peplum Dress with Removable Belt: £16: MatalanASOS Heart Shape Buckle Belt With Chain Detail: £28: ASOS

5) Strapless Sweetheart Stripe Peplum Fitted Dress: £14.95: Amazon

Get F***** Stud

A rockers life long posession and a jefferey campbell accessory gimic. This mini trend coincides well with that lovely little feminine fifties look by adding a alternate hard rock edge like something out of a rimmel ad campaign or a Heston Bluemental creation at an old ladies tea party. But all jokes a-side, the science behind these pointy textures really work.
This last little item by Topshop is definitely a non-expensive accessory way to pick up this trend and the pastel shade trend quickly and will suit all hair types and dress types, so you can wear it with all your legging and graphic tee slouchy outfits too! YML!

6) Suede Effect Spike Headband: £8.50: Topshop


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