Pic & Tunes

I feel my blog has been a little bare lately and although I try to post as much as possible.. I have felt it has been lacking in something of a more mid-week inspiration post of a fashion/music/image nature to go alongside my regular weekly posts on fashion and culture and the reviews I write at vulturehound Magazine… So I’m starting two new features!
I’ve decided to bring back something in the realm of the much-loved daily desire posts but as a fortnightly post (to come next week) and an inspirational image and music fortnightly post. I plan to alternate these two from week to week so there’s always something interesting to read on this little corner of the internet!
So this is the first of ‘Pic and Tunes’… a post of imagery and music inspiration I’ve loved recently. Let me know what you all think, I really appreciate all the feedback.

Anyway this week I wanted to start with an image I found of a quote that to me really feel sums up inspiration as a whole but also the importance of circulation in the culture world, plus a new up and coming musician set to be a really big hit this year and one that I sadly didn’t have enough time to review for vulturehound this time round. I have a serious love for this mystical piano based fantasy land that is Perfume Genius and coincidently his album I feel IS genius, the album is available now, but before you listen.. be ready for your soul to be completely exposed.


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