New Day.. Happy Birth-Day.. New ideas sprung to life on a sunny Fri-day?…… Yeah I’ll just get on with it.

A multitude of blogs cater to this culture craze and although the distant echo of “DANGER HIPSTER COPYCAT SEEN BEFORE ALERT” is sounded as the first sniff of this abbreviated post, I feel its one I’m quite interested in. The idea of laying clothes out everyday in a very design orientated layout appeals to me greatly, with my main inspirations for this coming from The Missguided Instagrams on Facebook, Dixi Shop and Dr. Martens Sunspel ad campaigns (which I will be blogging about in due course), I’m also quite fond of my own appearance and take a lot of inspiration away from other style blogs myself.. So I thought what the hell right? Lets jump on that band waggon.

Here marks the start of my ‘Outfit of the day’ posts, and what a day to kick it off.. My Birthday!

Vibrant Floral shirt: Beyond Retro
Black boater hat: Charity Shop
Leopard print pony skin Brothel Creepers: Underground
White and rose gold swarovski watch: Fossil
Long silver pocket watch necklace: Dorothy Perkins


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