QEII 1952 – 2012

The long weekend from the 2nd of June for rural Essex was that of a celebratory manner joining in the festivities with all the other towns and cities all over the UK in celebration for the Queens Diamond Jubilee.
I’m not the most patriotic of people but I think 60 years of dedication to a country is something to be celebrated, and As investigative journalism tells me this one is extra special, considering only one other monarch by the name of Queen Victoria has reached this milestone previous to Queen Elizabeth.
As the Queen took the throne at a tender age of 26 in 1952 when most young woman would’ve been planning their futures filled with rock and roll swing dancing, European cinema, Pop Art, The Olympics in Helsinki, knowledge from a so-called Sputnik and the writing down of all their adventures with the first leak free ball point pen, for the queen it was giving her life to our country. So this year it was only fitting that the celebrations were all about where it all began.. the 50’s.
My village went all out hosting a local fate featuring 20+ local ales, A Punch and Judy show, an absolutely pristine 50’s bus to drop people going to and from the event and a few other 50’s motors gallantly cruising around as though it was its heyday once more. Although my Brothel Creepers didn’t feel exactly at home as the visual presence of the day was a very twee bunting bonanza, it was great to see the community working together to put on something fun, aiding to a further stamp next to my childish city girl attitude (one previously unveiled with the experience of a local Vintage Catwalk Show I reviewed)

I also managed to snap a few stylish on lookers. One sporting a quirky ensemble of a vintage style tweed jacket, check shirt and panama hat, and local shop owner in the full red, white and blue set up complete with dog print poodle skirt, and the last in an original 50’s yellow rockabilly poodle style floral dress! A crazy set of high style for a very small village don’t you think?

Although the English weather was obviously a little hit and miss (as it always is) I was nice to see people still in high spirits and getting in the mood of things, something the British are always very well-known for.


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