The Bloggers Bookmarks #5

1) Polka dot HOH SUPERGA 2790 FLAT FORM: £70: House Of Holland

Yes I spoke about these last week but since the first batch of my personal favoured pair of these bad boys sold out, Henry Holland has released further pairs of the navy, black and white versions of the creeper trainers with rumours of more lilac and mint pairs to appear later on. Although I already have a pair of the plain Newlook versions I mentioned in the last trend and save I would love to get myself a pair of these when I have the chance. They have the perfect amount of character and pattern to be different but without detracting and weighing down the rest of your outfit.

2) Lipsy scarf print shirt: £32: Next

This is another little number I have been lusting over in my bookmark bar as of recent. If any of you watch The Voice UK you will know Jessie J’s love of the 70’s look of over-size shirts and leggings (much like myself) was very apparent in what I caught at the initial airings of the programme, with one almost paisley scarf print shirt catching my eye in particular. I searched high and low for a similar thing and came across a quite different but amazing shell print version of this scarf print trend (perfectly cliché enough for me as you will have guessed). I don’t usually go for Lipsy products but I have seen ZERO things around on the high street like this, as the idea of the scarf print tends to run down the more obvious leopard and chain idea as opposed to the nautical one, so this is really original.

3) Underground Suede and Neon Wedge Creepers: £125: Underground

Is it a wedge? Or is it a creeper? Whatever it is, its ingenious, and yet another trend to hit the high street ground running. Bloggers everywhere have been going stir crazy for this product as is that easy medium for all fashion lovers to rock the creeper trend, and especially those who aren’t into the whole in-your-face shoe thing. A much more feminine fix.

4) Gingham Bengaline Crop Trouser: £10: Matalan

Another trend to be coming back in for the UK summer is the pedal pusher/Capri pant. Although I’m not particularly raving about this trend I do like these very ‘country golf club’ style gingham trousers version by matalan. I can see them rocking a pair of creepers, crochet socks, cream shirt and leather jacket… oh and a key boater hat, and for just a tenner? People are going to be buying these is all colours.

5) Black patent cutout heeled pumps: £28: H! By Henry Holland

Monsieur Holland always gets appraisal here down at TOAS HQ, but with the out cry of the supra and then to bring back the ultimate school girl cool patent heeled pump with high street collection H! This guy has to be a fashion wizard. These I have tried on myself and are so comfortable, cool and cute without the need to try too hard and available in 2 colours. So if you’re not into that whole 50’s grungy look and more for a royal twee setup these will jump into your wardrobe with great ease.

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