Pic & Tunes

This week my teenage self is mourning the loss of some Blink 182 tickets that were up for grabs for the weekend just gones gig at the O2 arena that unfortunately I couldn’t attend.
Most people do tell me that they aren’t actually that greatest thing live, opinion which I think is due to over hype as it was clear from seeing them at Reading 2 years ago they weren’t as [Tweet] “This is the best band I’ve ever seen live and you’re not here [hashtag] Nobody likes you when your 23” as I would have hoped as the craze prior to the sunday was ridiculous. But.. I am still very much in love with them, and when the first picture below was released on their Facebook page after I said I couldn’t take the tickets.. I think part of my heart died.
So in aid of Blinks trip to the UK, this weeks pic & tunes is dedicated to the things I missed out on via Blinks Facebook, Tom and Travis’s twitters, The video to my current superstitious year of age (and a little in joke in my friend circle) ‘What’s my age again’ and an extraordinary drum version of London’s Tinie Tempah ‘Simply Unstoppable’ by the legend that is Travis Barker. Enjoy!

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