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Its been a happily productive last week or so for me! Although I feel slightly cramped by life’s constant job list (isn’t everyone) I do feel my creative spark has started to flow again into so many areas.. and I’m putting it down to my music choices at the moment (judge away if you will). Although I write about alternative/indie/electro/rock genres and base myself mainly in those.. my chart listening, hairbrush as microphone romantic teenage self made an appearance as of late, and took me to see the dark guilty pleasure of films that is The Katy Perry Movie. Other than the fact I was the ONLY one in the 20+ age range in the theatre (making me feel somewhat silly) and that it was a celebrity culture documentary in 3D on the big screen..? It was quite a well grounded all inspiring ‘American Dream’ documentary, which broke the mold from similar movies so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Although her music doesn’t touch into ultimate cool hipster territory she creates great memorable pop music which is what makes her so loveable and successful (they don’t call it mainstream for nothing!)
So this weeks post has been heavily captured by Katy’s latest extended album ‘Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection’ and below I’ve posted a music video, trailer and a review I think sums up the movie perfectly. Plus as her core innocent sugar-coated 40’s/50’s twee look seems to resonate in quite a few summer looks of my own, my image inspiration has become part fairy-tale part fashion dream…*

*Oh lastly before I go.. I’d like to say a MASSIVE thank you to my current 514 followers! I’d never really clocked until recently how high my follow count had gotten so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for coming back, reading, browsing, commenting and liking all the weird and wonderful things I write about! It’s so nice to think that such a small thing I do on the internet which only started a meer 2 years ago has touched so many different interesting people all over the world!
I always like to think all my readers go away with something they’re inspired by so if there are posts you’d like to see more of or old favourites you want brought back let me know and I’ll see what I can do! xx

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