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Its been a whole year since graduation and for me and most of my friends its been quite an up hill struggle. Not to delve too far and get this blog into a political debate, I think that the people of the UK can safely say it’s not been the best of economic climates and so being a young graduate trying to start a career in a wealth of un-employment is harder than ever. But with a cocktail of determination, commitment and constant hard work alongside personality, positive work ethic and solid portfolio this eventually turns into that first stepping stone one of which most of us are on, and hopefully one we will all stay on which is a very exciting prospect!
So in honour of this very important start and a whole year of non-stop development, me and a couple of friends figured it was time we had a well deserved holiday! I’m so excited as I don’t remember the last time I really felt like I’d got away and although nothings been booked.. one place we were thinking of going was Bulgaria as its one of the top holiday destinations at the moment. So this pic and tunes is obviously all about holidays, travel and new discoveries.. with the video of Hard-Fi’s “Fire in the house” which if you hadn’t already guessed was the inspiration behind yesterday’s outfit post title, and one of those rock bands from teenhood which I’ve got back into recently.

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