Agyness Deyn for Dr.Martens

Our modern-day sixties poster girl is finally back from filming pusher and straight into another project that should have happened a longtime ago. Agyness Deyn the penultimate pin-up to the masculine meets feminine look has finally teamed up with her identical retail twin Dr.Martens to produce a powerful range pumped with masculine grunge shapes and punk palettes all laced with touches of feminine beauty, bang on the money to suit our teddy boy/vintage obsessed britain, and yet another triumph for the Dr.Martens portfolio of collaborations.

1) Dr.Martens Daisy T-shirt Dress: £35 2) Dr.Martens Heart Satchel in Acid Green: £140 3) Dr.Martens Floral Dress in Acid Green: £100 4) Dr.Martens Black and White Jumper: £115 5) Dr.Martens Heart Satchel in Pale Lilac: £140 6) Dr.Martens Aggy Creeper Shoe in Cherry Red: £130

Teaming faded check shirts, thigh high boots, acid greens and daisy prints the ‘Agyness Deyn’ for Dr.Martens collection is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea, but with its individuality and true retro roots this collection does own some originality and is not just another branded celebrity collection. Plus with a wide range of products from those truly daring ‘Cherry Red Aggy Creepers’ to the oh so pretty soon to be sell out pastel purple heart satchel there is sure to be at least a little corner for every fashion taste no matter how wild.
So if your keen for deyn or have never heard of this little multi-talented northern pixie before go have a browse as this collection is sure to blow all of those other celebrity fad collaBOREations out of the window this winter.

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