Shelly’s Shoes

Its end of season sale time everywhere and with my name being what it is its only fair that I talk about a well-known 50’s brand called Shelly’s shoes right?

Shelly’s shoes are a family business developed in the heart of 50’s britain, bumped and hustled its way into the lime light in the 70’s as footwear to ‘The Jam’ and given the title of hippest shoe from the 80’s and 90’s. With that being the main back story, although the brand has had its hey day and is now settling with little selling partnerships at ASOS and Newlook, and is probably not so hot right now as a creatively sculpted McQueen Armadillo or as star-studded as a spiked lita on the feet of a Jessie J or a Rita Ora, if you’re looking for some sickly sweet well made affordable feminine fancies for the last of the good weather before the darker seasons settles in Shelly’s are ones to browse.

With plenty of wild tropical prints and bear face pumps that you can shake a Charlotte Olympia stick at Shelly’s shoes provide a range of sophisticated classics as well as quirky twists on originals with cut out patterns and abstract shaped heels, meaning those fashion forward mums and high street haulers alike can find something they fancy all with immaculate detailing and high quality.

Belle wedge: £38.99 in the sale

Having had a pair of pixie boots made by Shelly’s before I can vouch for this brands comfortable, quality and long-lasting wear which is everything a shoe buyer is looking for right? And with sale prices what they are on the website and in the range at Newlook online.. it seems stupid to pass these by.. even if it is for a next year feet treat.

All sale prices – 1) Frankie wedge: £29.99 2) Cherub T-bar dolly shoe: £35.99 3) Picnic Basket vintage style open back brogue: £25.99 4) Joyce woven style brogue sandal: £30.99

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