Pic & Tunes

This week although like every other inspirational post weeks it features a variety of fashion and beauty images but it’s also been heavily taken over by the art and design world and as my career is in design I thought I’d go into this side of my visual love a little further on here this week. My real favourite (although they’re all amazing) as you can probably guess is the floating snow hats piece by Nendo, I mainly love the sense of depth of field in this one! Where music is concerned.. the X Factor is always such a taboo subject when it comes to music and ‘talent’, I don’t watch it religiously but I did manage to catch Ella Henderson’s rendition of Cher’s ‘Believe’ a week or so ago and since listening to it I can’t seem to stop! The lyrics have been so enlightened and empowered by this version whilst seemingly brushing the whole 90’s ideal away that it doesn’t feel like that same overplayed karaoke song we all know, a talent hard to achieve for any musician so this girl is definitely one to sign.

Most art images found via Hovercraftdoggy

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2 Responses to “Pic & Tunes”

  1. Becky Says:

    Oh I desperately want to visit the UK Pavillion! I love it.
    Also like the new header, miss the shells though! Miss meshelly xx

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