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Yes.. yes.. ok regular readers, I KNOW this week were meant to hopping on the pic & tunes bandwagon.. AND YES.. we do see ALOT of shoes on here, too many at times.. But because my shoe needs are a must on this section of the web these particular ones HAVE to be blogged about as they depict everything I’ve ever wanted (and trust me, you want) from a boot.. ever.. And, as fashionably sad as it is.. they’re so nice, they make me sick every time I look at them, and if you’re a guy reading this post.. the kind of illness one would have as a football follower standing in their home teams dressing room amongst all their favorite players.
My fashion brain and I have always longed for the days of skipping down the middle of a snow flurried christmas light infused Oxford Street in a dalmatian print coat, wet look leggings and a pair of boots only dreams were made of seen in all of my fantasies.. and when I say fantasies.. these boots are like ones never to have been made, the sort of stuff someone thinks up in their head and never talks about whilst swallowing a deeply buried desperation in the inevitable case that if hopes rises fashion feelings could get hurt. Well this dream, MY DREAM, happened. And I’m still wondering how I’ve never encountered these heart palpitators before.

1) Peplum ankle leather boots in tan: £554: Casadei

The Casadei Peplum ankle boot combine a smooth round feminine toe, with the PERFECT amount of height from a chunky mary jane heel, black and almond pinky tone alongside one another in a vertical block print alongside a sophisticated chain detail to make any Chanel addict swoon towards this brand. These ladies, are a thing of true beauty, so beautiful that the expansion of the chain cup toe shoe now stretches across all the footwear styles.

But so long as my bank balance remains in the harsh state that it’s in and boots stay a much-needed item for this winter.. a £554 price tag is not going help me. So unfortunately these will have to stay well and truly scribbled down on my fashion hit list and this pair of similar style (but sadly not detail) Topshop black boots with gold edges and studs, although lovely, will have to do for the fore-sigh-able future. Talk about first world problems.

Oh and just on an out note, sorry for my not-so-weekly weekly postings to you all.. My second brain aka my boyfriend highlighted to me my lack of regular posting and booted me into completing my many drafts so you can thank him for this (another reason why I love him so -bleurgh-) Check back for another interesting blog article very soon!

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