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What would a new year be without challenges, new beginnings and pushing yourself for better things right?
I’ve been debating a big move to blogspot for a while and I feel that this new year was the right time to actually put my plans into action. New space. New start.
Although I have loved my time here on wordpress, blogspot has such a better base for fashion blogs, plus the added bonus of FREELY editable HTML proved too strong for me to stay here, on top of a bunch of brand new ideas ;)
So although this space will exist for a short while as I move most of my archive over before being deleted altogether, please come join me over at the new blog at my blogspot web domain: which will soon be swapped over to my usual web domain ( in a weeks time :)

See you on the other side! Hope you like the new look!
Michelle ♥

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One Response to “Blog 2.0”

  1. Jeyna Grace Says:

    All the best with that!

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