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December 3, 2012


Picture it. You go out, buy the perfect ring that will change the way people view you and your hands forever, you wear it a few times and then -BOOM- those green and brassy tones appear and your back to square one. It’s always the high street way. From this constant source of annoyance I am now a firm believer that silver is the way forward, its in fashion, it never wears away and compared to the high street jewellery prices at the moment (Topshop being one of the biggest offenders) sometimes their only a tad more expensive for the lighter pieces, and if there’s any store that will convert you to this charming metallic investment its fashionology.

A Brand taking todays gothic ring trend as well as all other areas of jewelry into its Netherlands stride from 2009 has been Fashionology. Foundered by Rachel Duister and starting from a passion for jewellery with originality whilst also having personal issues finding accessories to match her own style, Rachel started creating her own in her apartment whilst studying art.


1) Silver Lapis Lazuli Ring: £44.61 2) Silver Cross Ring II: £36.50
3) Silver Feather Ring: £28.39

Her range has taken the blogosphere and stylists around the world by storm and now employ’s an army of fashionologists in her Rotterdam studio to produce and sell the nature and multi-cultured inspired stone adorned, patterned and alternative designs, along with monochrome illustrations dotted around the site to capture the brand by the very sleek Sanne de wild.


1) Silver Square Ethnic Ring: £101.39 2) Silver Raven Skull Ring: £81.11 3) Silver Double Skull Ring: £101.39

Having grasped hold of the market here in the UK, been recognised and nominated by for the ‘Best Modeshop’ in 2010, and extending their range to a mens section, I wonder if there’s any height fashionology will struggle to reach.

This is definitely a brand to get your mitts on this winter fall. (excuse the pun)

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Shelly’s Shoes

October 1, 2012

Its end of season sale time everywhere and with my name being what it is its only fair that I talk about a well-known 50’s brand called Shelly’s shoes right?

Shelly’s shoes are a family business developed in the heart of 50’s britain, bumped and hustled its way into the lime light in the 70’s as footwear to ‘The Jam’ and given the title of hippest shoe from the 80’s and 90’s. With that being the main back story, although the brand has had its hey day and is now settling with little selling partnerships at ASOS and Newlook, and is probably not so hot right now as a creatively sculpted McQueen Armadillo or as star-studded as a spiked lita on the feet of a Jessie J or a Rita Ora, if you’re looking for some sickly sweet well made affordable feminine fancies for the last of the good weather before the darker seasons settles in Shelly’s are ones to browse.

With plenty of wild tropical prints and bear face pumps that you can shake a Charlotte Olympia stick at Shelly’s shoes provide a range of sophisticated classics as well as quirky twists on originals with cut out patterns and abstract shaped heels, meaning those fashion forward mums and high street haulers alike can find something they fancy all with immaculate detailing and high quality.

Belle wedge: £38.99 in the sale

Having had a pair of pixie boots made by Shelly’s before I can vouch for this brands comfortable, quality and long-lasting wear which is everything a shoe buyer is looking for right? And with sale prices what they are on the website and in the range at Newlook online.. it seems stupid to pass these by.. even if it is for a next year feet treat.

All sale prices – 1) Frankie wedge: £29.99 2) Cherub T-bar dolly shoe: £35.99 3) Picnic Basket vintage style open back brogue: £25.99 4) Joyce woven style brogue sandal: £30.99

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Agyness Deyn for Dr.Martens

September 17, 2012

Our modern-day sixties poster girl is finally back from filming pusher and straight into another project that should have happened a longtime ago. Agyness Deyn the penultimate pin-up to the masculine meets feminine look has finally teamed up with her identical retail twin Dr.Martens to produce a powerful range pumped with masculine grunge shapes and punk palettes all laced with touches of feminine beauty, bang on the money to suit our teddy boy/vintage obsessed britain, and yet another triumph for the Dr.Martens portfolio of collaborations.

1) Dr.Martens Daisy T-shirt Dress: £35 2) Dr.Martens Heart Satchel in Acid Green: £140 3) Dr.Martens Floral Dress in Acid Green: £100 4) Dr.Martens Black and White Jumper: £115 5) Dr.Martens Heart Satchel in Pale Lilac: £140 6) Dr.Martens Aggy Creeper Shoe in Cherry Red: £130

Teaming faded check shirts, thigh high boots, acid greens and daisy prints the ‘Agyness Deyn’ for Dr.Martens collection is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea, but with its individuality and true retro roots this collection does own some originality and is not just another branded celebrity collection. Plus with a wide range of products from those truly daring ‘Cherry Red Aggy Creepers’ to the oh so pretty soon to be sell out pastel purple heart satchel there is sure to be at least a little corner for every fashion taste no matter how wild.
So if your keen for deyn or have never heard of this little multi-talented northern pixie before go have a browse as this collection is sure to blow all of those other celebrity fad collaBOREations out of the window this winter.

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Dr.Martens X Sunspel Collection

July 26, 2012

With the regeneration of British manufacturing and the economic crisis heavily in the lime light at the moment, the government strategically pumping money into revamping rundown areas of the country with The Olympics and Mary Portas fronting these initial projects, it was only natural that British brand Sunspel: one of the oldest producers of high quality British perfectly hued polo’s and luxury mens underwear since the 1860’s, now stretching across male and female clothing announced their collaboration with 60’s British giants Dr.Marten’s.

A design and craft match made in heaven collaborating to create 2 60’s polo’s to represent the colour palette of the classic Dr.Martens brand the two exclusive polo’s currently released by the brand seem to have echoed 60’s rivals Fred Perry, giving DM their very own tipped polo duo perfectly matching their Ox Blood brogue and Classic Black boot with tips to match the classic yellow stitching, a brand strategy I feel that’s been a long time coming.

Although the brands choices are very similar to items seen on the market before, and won’t knock you for six like a Mary Katrantzou mirrored floral, their choice of colour scheme, luxury egyptian cotton, unique attention to detail and the fact their manufacturing is all completed on Great British soil in Long Eaton means that this collab is something to fork out for, screaming sleek 60’s style and showing British production at its finest. I’m just now hoping they bring out some women’s dresses!

Mens Ox Blood yellow-tipped polo and Mens Classic black yellow-tipped polo both £70

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The Warner Textile Archive Blog and Wallpaper Collection

July 3, 2012

During this year I’ve been closely involved with The Warner Textile Archive in Braintree Essex who are unfortunately not very well highlighted as the second largest fabric archive next to London’s V&A, the official fabric provider for the queens royal coronation and all round local history keepers of whom I’ve backed with volunteer work and writing upon their recent events. They’ve recently opened their own blog which is great AND a whole host of bespoke fabrics reworked into breathtaking luxury wallpaper designs available for sale now.. and just when you thought from yesterdays truckload of reviews the writing would be over.. I was privileged enough to have been asked to guest write a post for Warner about their new collection on their blog which you can read here, I’m hoping this will be the first of many posts on my behalf.. it’s all very exciting!
My personal favourite ‘Lunar Rocket’ a late 60’s piece from the collection is pictured above but if you fancy browsing the whole collection please click here!

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Keane, Snow White and Lee Mitchell

July 2, 2012

If you’re a regular reader of my blog (and I won’t bore you with the details) you will know of my 2 year written contribution to a selection of magazines in industry, and mainly as of recent my contribution of music reviews to VultureHound. Heres a quick update of the 3 most recent reviews I’ve written about; Keane plus support act Zulu Winter who I saw live in Leicester a month ago (where has the time gone!), Lee Mitchell’s new EP ‘Water’ for all you indie buffs and due to recent regular trips to the cinema I’ve also contributed with my first film review of Snow White and The Huntsman! So if your interested go check them out with the links provided!
It’s so great to have the chance to regularly contribute to an online magazine and be part of an amazing team so I hope there will be further things to review in the future so I suppose.. stay tuned!

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Flamingo Magazine: The RA summer show

July 18, 2011

Image courtesy of the RA

My lovely fellow blogger Becky recently told me that I had been featured on the Flamingo Magazine facebook page and that my review on the RA summer show had been finally put online!

It was such a great privilege to write for yet another magazine, and I hope to continue my presence in the written industry as my as possible as I love it so much!
Please click the link below to read my review!

Latest love: The festival DIY tee!

July 15, 2011

Now I know the festivals this year are currently in full swing and I’m a bit behind on the current blog trend of festival attire but I have to talk about my love for tie dye this year!!

I’ve been wanting for a few months now (probably nearing on a year) to re-create the Wildfox Couture gold triangle t-shirt:

a) Due to cash funds being very low and not being able to fork out for a real one, and b) Its not being available in the UK, and since a few of my friends were attempting some tie dye just in time for Glastonbury, I thought I’d try my hand at some bleach painting!

Its a simple as bleach, dip, paint! I put a piece of cardboard in-between the front and back of the t-shirt so it didn’t transfer, painted with bleach, rinsed in water, let it hung to dry slightly and then washed in the washing machine!
Although it’s not the real thing I absolutely love it, such a quick and easy design and yet so effective (all of what Wildfox stand for), and I wear it constantly now.

After this magnificent success I tried my hand at a dip dye which I had previously seen on an M&S t-shirt which I really loved but couldn’t afford at the time..

I created this by dipping the shirt up to where I wanted the dye to reach and then did each shade level in sequence; Strongest at the bottom dipped for about 20 min, the second tier by dipping the shirt further in for about 5 min and then the final tier for about 1 min.
Again it came out great and we all looked like identical frolicking hippies together at Glastonbury all weekend with sunnies, drinks and friendship bracelets!

I think the DIY T-shirt is such a great and cheap way to create your own unique design that no-one else has and recycle a un-loved t-shirt thats sat at the back of your wardrobe. No wonder everybody’s at it!

Here are a few festival pics below (and a special group photo taken by the staff at the UCA tent!):

(Some Images courtesy of Becky Scarborough, UCA and

The NEW ‘latest love’ posts: Swedish Hasbeens

July 8, 2011

I have decided that every friday on my blog I will feature something fashion and culture wise (obviously) that has been.. my latest love! (Bet you didn’t see that one coming) and write a short feature on each piece.
I hope your ready for my current style archive to be opened up! (But lets not start dressing the same as that could be weird).
And today ladies and gentlemen we are talking Swedish Hasbeens..

Born in 2006 from a said ‘Hot mum’ Anita, Sweedish Hasbeens is a brand that has been dishing out 1970’s style fantasy clogs, leather shoes and loafers in a clog style that only me, you and the dutch could dream about.
With a current contract at H&M and summer quickly underway, I’m sure that these are going to take off very soon especially in my wardrobe as I absolutely adore them!!
As the website is quite pricey for the UK you can buy a selection of these beauties on Urban Outfitters!

See you all on friday for another latest love!

Disorder Magazine: Tracey Emin ‘Love is what you want’ exhibition

July 8, 2011

Just a quick happy post and update of another successful contributing piece to Disorder Magazine!
Please go read and leave me a comment to let me know what you think!
P.s More blogging to come very soon, keep your eyes peeled for some more writing on some very interesting topics!