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February 14, 2013





What would a new year be without challenges, new beginnings and pushing yourself for better things right?
I’ve been debating a big move to blogspot for a while and I feel that this new year was the right time to actually put my plans into action. New space. New start.
Although I have loved my time here on wordpress, blogspot has such a better base for fashion blogs, plus the added bonus of FREELY editable HTML proved too strong for me to stay here, on top of a bunch of brand new ideas ;)
So although this space will exist for a short while as I move most of my archive over before being deleted altogether, please come join me over at the new blog at my blogspot web domain: which will soon be swapped over to my usual web domain ( in a weeks time :)

See you on the other side! Hope you like the new look!
Michelle ♥

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Pic & Tunes

November 27, 2012

Well long time no see to all you dedicated TOAS readers! Its been another stretch of crazy time for me but I’ve FINALLY got my act together, my whiteboard sprawled on and my fingers-a-tappin’
Pic & Tunes this time around although a short post is all going to be about my well deserved holiday to Barcelona with my lovely boyfriend a couple of weeks ago (of which every minute was amazing) and as I was dedicated to uploading every great moment and gaudi building on to my instagram I thought I’d posted them all here as I’m quite impressed with some of them if I do say so myself.
And for the ‘tunes’ part of this post.. a little old one hit wonder to hit those dreamy holiday notes won’t go a miss!
Check back very soon for some interesting articles on a couple of brands I’ve found and love. They’re set to be gooduns and are so nearly nearly completed!

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Radio silence

September 8, 2012

With all the hustle and bustle of the world as we know it, on top all the new and exciting things that take you by surprise and creep into your life.. you find that other things can get a little side tracked and before you know it you become MIA.
So although there hasn’t been the usual movement of long articles, outfit posts and mid-week treasures on here lately, I just wanted to drop by with a selection of snaps of what I’ve found/bought/been to lately via my Instagram @thoughtsofashell to excuse my absence, and that.. I’m still here don’t forget about me!!
I have a quite a few new outfits and articles I want to share with you so keep checking back as they’ll be up soon!

1. Concrete carving – Semper Amemus: “May we love forever” 2. Fampbells – via ebay 3. Maybelline crystal pink 040 pop stick 4. Ping Pong! 5. Skittles gin with 2 favourites 6. Orbit at dusk 7. The Paralympics!! 8. Melissa Jelly shoes via Williams and Griffins

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Dot co Dot uk

August 6, 2012

A gleamingly obvious little post today just to say the blog is moving to a address to become that little bit more swanky! So you can now bookmark us at PLUS My Vintage and Thrift store: which you may or may not know about is being moved from Big Cartel over to the blog’s ‘pages’ section as a pop up shop very soon, follow the twitter page @themadhattersvt for up to date info. Simples!

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The Warner Textile Archive Blog and Wallpaper Collection

July 3, 2012

During this year I’ve been closely involved with The Warner Textile Archive in Braintree Essex who are unfortunately not very well highlighted as the second largest fabric archive next to London’s V&A, the official fabric provider for the queens royal coronation and all round local history keepers of whom I’ve backed with volunteer work and writing upon their recent events. They’ve recently opened their own blog which is great AND a whole host of bespoke fabrics reworked into breathtaking luxury wallpaper designs available for sale now.. and just when you thought from yesterdays truckload of reviews the writing would be over.. I was privileged enough to have been asked to guest write a post for Warner about their new collection on their blog which you can read here, I’m hoping this will be the first of many posts on my behalf.. it’s all very exciting!
My personal favourite ‘Lunar Rocket’ a late 60’s piece from the collection is pictured above but if you fancy browsing the whole collection please click here!

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OOTD – 10 mile Charity walk for Macmillan

July 1, 2012

Not my usual outfit post but this is what I did on my sunday afternoon!

Vintage Headscarf: Liberty via Charity Shop
T-shirt: Macmillan Cancer Support Team
Below the knee leggings: Topshop
White and Purple Duramo trainers: Adidas

In Memory of Denis Moss

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Pic & Tunes

June 13, 2012

This week my teenage self is mourning the loss of some Blink 182 tickets that were up for grabs for the weekend just gones gig at the O2 arena that unfortunately I couldn’t attend.
Most people do tell me that they aren’t actually that greatest thing live, opinion which I think is due to over hype as it was clear from seeing them at Reading 2 years ago they weren’t as [Tweet] “This is the best band I’ve ever seen live and you’re not here [hashtag] Nobody likes you when your 23” as I would have hoped as the craze prior to the sunday was ridiculous. But.. I am still very much in love with them, and when the first picture below was released on their Facebook page after I said I couldn’t take the tickets.. I think part of my heart died.
So in aid of Blinks trip to the UK, this weeks pic & tunes is dedicated to the things I missed out on via Blinks Facebook, Tom and Travis’s twitters, The video to my current superstitious year of age (and a little in joke in my friend circle) ‘What’s my age again’ and an extraordinary drum version of London’s Tinie Tempah ‘Simply Unstoppable’ by the legend that is Travis Barker. Enjoy!

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The Bloggers Bookmarks #5

June 10, 2012

1) Polka dot HOH SUPERGA 2790 FLAT FORM: £70: House Of Holland

Yes I spoke about these last week but since the first batch of my personal favoured pair of these bad boys sold out, Henry Holland has released further pairs of the navy, black and white versions of the creeper trainers with rumours of more lilac and mint pairs to appear later on. Although I already have a pair of the plain Newlook versions I mentioned in the last trend and save I would love to get myself a pair of these when I have the chance. They have the perfect amount of character and pattern to be different but without detracting and weighing down the rest of your outfit.

2) Lipsy scarf print shirt: £32: Next

This is another little number I have been lusting over in my bookmark bar as of recent. If any of you watch The Voice UK you will know Jessie J’s love of the 70’s look of over-size shirts and leggings (much like myself) was very apparent in what I caught at the initial airings of the programme, with one almost paisley scarf print shirt catching my eye in particular. I searched high and low for a similar thing and came across a quite different but amazing shell print version of this scarf print trend (perfectly cliché enough for me as you will have guessed). I don’t usually go for Lipsy products but I have seen ZERO things around on the high street like this, as the idea of the scarf print tends to run down the more obvious leopard and chain idea as opposed to the nautical one, so this is really original.

3) Underground Suede and Neon Wedge Creepers: £125: Underground

Is it a wedge? Or is it a creeper? Whatever it is, its ingenious, and yet another trend to hit the high street ground running. Bloggers everywhere have been going stir crazy for this product as is that easy medium for all fashion lovers to rock the creeper trend, and especially those who aren’t into the whole in-your-face shoe thing. A much more feminine fix.

4) Gingham Bengaline Crop Trouser: £10: Matalan

Another trend to be coming back in for the UK summer is the pedal pusher/Capri pant. Although I’m not particularly raving about this trend I do like these very ‘country golf club’ style gingham trousers version by matalan. I can see them rocking a pair of creepers, crochet socks, cream shirt and leather jacket… oh and a key boater hat, and for just a tenner? People are going to be buying these is all colours.

5) Black patent cutout heeled pumps: £28: H! By Henry Holland

Monsieur Holland always gets appraisal here down at TOAS HQ, but with the out cry of the supra and then to bring back the ultimate school girl cool patent heeled pump with high street collection H! This guy has to be a fashion wizard. These I have tried on myself and are so comfortable, cool and cute without the need to try too hard and available in 2 colours. So if you’re not into that whole 50’s grungy look and more for a royal twee setup these will jump into your wardrobe with great ease.

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June 8, 2012

Red, gold & leopard print scarf: promo offer Lush Covent Garden
Gold shirt: Topshop
Black Leggings: Topshop
Red Wax Barbour Beadnell Jacket: Barbour
Vintage Ox Blood Brogues: Dr.Martens via Ebay

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QEII 1952 – 2012

June 8, 2012

The long weekend from the 2nd of June for rural Essex was that of a celebratory manner joining in the festivities with all the other towns and cities all over the UK in celebration for the Queens Diamond Jubilee.
I’m not the most patriotic of people but I think 60 years of dedication to a country is something to be celebrated, and As investigative journalism tells me this one is extra special, considering only one other monarch by the name of Queen Victoria has reached this milestone previous to Queen Elizabeth.
As the Queen took the throne at a tender age of 26 in 1952 when most young woman would’ve been planning their futures filled with rock and roll swing dancing, European cinema, Pop Art, The Olympics in Helsinki, knowledge from a so-called Sputnik and the writing down of all their adventures with the first leak free ball point pen, for the queen it was giving her life to our country. So this year it was only fitting that the celebrations were all about where it all began.. the 50’s.
My village went all out hosting a local fate featuring 20+ local ales, A Punch and Judy show, an absolutely pristine 50’s bus to drop people going to and from the event and a few other 50’s motors gallantly cruising around as though it was its heyday once more. Although my Brothel Creepers didn’t feel exactly at home as the visual presence of the day was a very twee bunting bonanza, it was great to see the community working together to put on something fun, aiding to a further stamp next to my childish city girl attitude (one previously unveiled with the experience of a local Vintage Catwalk Show I reviewed)

I also managed to snap a few stylish on lookers. One sporting a quirky ensemble of a vintage style tweed jacket, check shirt and panama hat, and local shop owner in the full red, white and blue set up complete with dog print poodle skirt, and the last in an original 50’s yellow rockabilly poodle style floral dress! A crazy set of high style for a very small village don’t you think?

Although the English weather was obviously a little hit and miss (as it always is) I was nice to see people still in high spirits and getting in the mood of things, something the British are always very well-known for.


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