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December 3, 2012


Picture it. You go out, buy the perfect ring that will change the way people view you and your hands forever, you wear it a few times and then -BOOM- those green and brassy tones appear and your back to square one. It’s always the high street way. From this constant source of annoyance I am now a firm believer that silver is the way forward, its in fashion, it never wears away and compared to the high street jewellery prices at the moment (Topshop being one of the biggest offenders) sometimes their only a tad more expensive for the lighter pieces, and if there’s any store that will convert you to this charming metallic investment its fashionology.

A Brand taking todays gothic ring trend as well as all other areas of jewelry into its Netherlands stride from 2009 has been Fashionology. Foundered by Rachel Duister and starting from a passion for jewellery with originality whilst also having personal issues finding accessories to match her own style, Rachel started creating her own in her apartment whilst studying art.


1) Silver Lapis Lazuli Ring: £44.61 2) Silver Cross Ring II: £36.50
3) Silver Feather Ring: £28.39

Her range has taken the blogosphere and stylists around the world by storm and now employ’s an army of fashionologists in her Rotterdam studio to produce and sell the nature and multi-cultured inspired stone adorned, patterned and alternative designs, along with monochrome illustrations dotted around the site to capture the brand by the very sleek Sanne de wild.


1) Silver Square Ethnic Ring: £101.39 2) Silver Raven Skull Ring: £81.11 3) Silver Double Skull Ring: £101.39

Having grasped hold of the market here in the UK, been recognised and nominated by for the ‘Best Modeshop’ in 2010, and extending their range to a mens section, I wonder if there’s any height fashionology will struggle to reach.

This is definitely a brand to get your mitts on this winter fall. (excuse the pun)

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Pic & Tunes

October 2, 2012

This week although like every other inspirational post weeks it features a variety of fashion and beauty images but it’s also been heavily taken over by the art and design world and as my career is in design I thought I’d go into this side of my visual love a little further on here this week. My real favourite (although they’re all amazing) as you can probably guess is the floating snow hats piece by Nendo, I mainly love the sense of depth of field in this one! Where music is concerned.. the X Factor is always such a taboo subject when it comes to music and ‘talent’, I don’t watch it religiously but I did manage to catch Ella Henderson’s rendition of Cher’s ‘Believe’ a week or so ago and since listening to it I can’t seem to stop! The lyrics have been so enlightened and empowered by this version whilst seemingly brushing the whole 90’s ideal away that it doesn’t feel like that same overplayed karaoke song we all know, a talent hard to achieve for any musician so this girl is definitely one to sign.

Most art images found via Hovercraftdoggy

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Trend & Save

August 11, 2012

So it’s finally the weekend.. And the above post of skittles vodka is going to be one of my experiment this weekend for my night out soon! I’m not a huge drinker but since one of my good friends from Art College and my best mates are in our home town again I though I’d celebrate.. its been too long :( But now on to the post..

1) Gold-tone cameo ring: £185: Alexander McQueen via Net-A-Porter
2) Skull Sovereign Ring: £6: ASOS

I searched absolutely high and low for a copy cat to this Alexander McQueen cameo because it is to DIE for! I’ve always loved gun metal on gold and have the House Of Harlow Triquetra ring in my collection which I love as it’s the perfect tone of metals to add texture to any monochrome outfit and this McQ is another on trend example.
Now I know the ASOS version is nowhere near a dupe but I could not find a single decent version anywhere.. I partly think I was blinded by the beauty of the McQ so finding something better was a little difficult.. Well that’s what in going with anyway.

Enjoy the weekend!

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