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Agyness Deyn for Dr.Martens

September 17, 2012

Our modern-day sixties poster girl is finally back from filming pusher and straight into another project that should have happened a longtime ago. Agyness Deyn the penultimate pin-up to the masculine meets feminine look has finally teamed up with her identical retail twin Dr.Martens to produce a powerful range pumped with masculine grunge shapes and punk palettes all laced with touches of feminine beauty, bang on the money to suit our teddy boy/vintage obsessed britain, and yet another triumph for the Dr.Martens portfolio of collaborations.

1) Dr.Martens Daisy T-shirt Dress: £35 2) Dr.Martens Heart Satchel in Acid Green: £140 3) Dr.Martens Floral Dress in Acid Green: £100 4) Dr.Martens Black and White Jumper: £115 5) Dr.Martens Heart Satchel in Pale Lilac: £140 6) Dr.Martens Aggy Creeper Shoe in Cherry Red: £130

Teaming faded check shirts, thigh high boots, acid greens and daisy prints the ‘Agyness Deyn’ for Dr.Martens collection is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea, but with its individuality and true retro roots this collection does own some originality and is not just another branded celebrity collection. Plus with a wide range of products from those truly daring ‘Cherry Red Aggy Creepers’ to the oh so pretty soon to be sell out pastel purple heart satchel there is sure to be at least a little corner for every fashion taste no matter how wild.
So if your keen for deyn or have never heard of this little multi-talented northern pixie before go have a browse as this collection is sure to blow all of those other celebrity fad collaBOREations out of the window this winter.

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The Bloggers Bookmarks #6

July 27, 2012

Wow, its been a while since I did a bloggers bookmark!.. With all the lovely things I’ve been collating for myself on top of work currently.. I’ve found it hard to find the time to shrink it all down to a bitesize piece! So hopefully this little lot depicts where I’m at right now with my current styling and trends, I know it’s a little sale central.. but where isn’t!

1) SERENA DRESS: Sale! £20: Goldie via Topshop
Running wild with 50’s retro, plaid is a real late 50’s print and is a fresher summer joy for anyone trying to get away from the darker tartan prints that really depict winter. This little Goldie dress in the sale on the Topshop website is a real cheap modern treat for cracking those 50’s and white trends this season, and yes.. the belt is included!

2) Deirdre Shoe: Sale! £47: Dr.Martens
The next two items were obviously adored in direction towards wearing with the Serena dress.. and the other dress shown here by ASOS which I have now purchased.. can you see why? I am obviously (like most bloggers) a lover of mainly 80’s, 60’s and 50’s dress and are probably the best of the era’s were closest to now and ones where vintage stuff is easy to come across (I do like 40’s but it’s always really hard to find) people who search for vintage will know where I’m coming from. In conjunction with these eras Dr.Martens are a fashionistas best friend and these have the perfect amount of femininity without tearing away the unique masculine heart of a Dr.Marten shoe, a perfect amount of testosterone for my style to bring that Serena dress down a few pretty pegs.

3) 11″ Leather Black Croco Satchel: Sale! £63: Dr.Martens
And yes.. along with the Deirdre shoe I couldn’t help but look at the rest of the Dr.Marten’s sale… and nose at my favourite of the satchels which I’ve mentioned before on my blog, dreaming about how good that whole outfit would look!.. Anyone love me enough to get me these 3 numbers?

4) Pencil Dress In Gingham: Sale! £14: ASOS
Moving on.. or rather a-long.. with another dress that would go SO well with the 2 DM items.. this ASOS sale gingham number is a super Grease/Betty Boop hit (Approved by Betty Boop herself!).. At first I thought as I’m quite curvy and its white it may attack me in all the wrong places.. But it’s actually such a nice piece and although will need nude coloured undies its lilac 50’s pride will sit well in my current wardrobe. Can’t wait to wear it!

5) Perfume Bottle Pendant: Sale! £7.50: Gogo Philip
I always love the alternative long necklaces Gogo Philips creates and this is so lovely, a perfect extra bit of layering to put with ‘that’ gingham number.. and this ones with nearly £10 off!

So now you’re all up to date.. enjoy the sales! And remember to check back next week for a few more fashion articles I’ve got up my sleeve.. along with the usual Pic & Tunes!

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Pixie perfect

March 12, 2011

What are the first 2 things you think of when you think of Topshop? Did I hear you say expensive and addictive? Well think again because now there seems to be Topshop outlets popping up all around the country.
I took a trip to a little London hotspot (one of which I can’t remember as my friends were driving and spent most of my time on my phone) to have a little browse at the things they had to offer.
There wasn’t a lot to gawp at as a lot the stock was repeated across all the sizes but there were a few absolute gems if you rummaged deep enough. I ended up buying 2 Peter pan collar dresses, one which was jersey and green (RRP £28) and the other sheer black with an embellished collar (RRP £50), due to the fact it was buy one get one free all over the store I bought both these dresses for.. drum roll please… £30!! That’s £15 a dress! So I saved myself a small fortune with the embellished beauty!

Here I finished the green one off with a pair of teal DM’s and leopard rust headscarf and the embellished dress with the same headscarf, blue satchel and pixie boots.
Aren’t they adorable!
P.s Sorry I’ve put a square on my face.. I looked ill in the photos :(